Monday, February 20, 2017

Cowpocalypse. It's started.

Police department in Connecticut warns residents about unfamiliar cattle
SUFFIELD, Conn. (WCMH)– The Suffield Police Department posted on their Facebook Sunday warning residents about two suspicious males going door to door in the area.

The suspects? Young cattle who had gotten loose and were wandering the area.

The department shared a photo of the culprits with a caption that said:
Early this morning officers responded to a complaint of 2 suspicious males going door to door trying to sell dairy products. Officers determined that the 2 individuals did not have a solicitors permit and were apprehended after a short foot pursuit. We would like to remind everyone to NEVER open your doors to any unfamiliar cattle.
There were no injuries reported in the incident.

In Other News:

"It's for you, Mooshell. It's that Lena Dunham & Amy Schumer."


  1. Barack was hoping the door bell was for him, but he didn't see any horns.

  2. Ohhhh, you're bad. I'm not touching any of these comments because I do believe I have some hope in this world to become president... yeah, I guess if you believe in a snowball's chance in hell making it to the white house ;)

  3. Dude, ya owe me 10 bucks ! :-)

  4. cube, it's always safe to distance yourself from my scribblings... just the same I welcome your ire :)

    Kid, It's in a government 'trust' fund.