Thursday, February 9, 2017

Super Bowl LXXXI (2047)

Today's blogtoon inspired by the fault of Ed, for his thought-provoking racist question in the comment section of yesterday's blog, " Who's the white guy?"

Regular readers of this blog are aware of my innate ability to read the stitches of the cultural fastball... To extrapolate and to project just how events are likely to unfold just over the horizon.

Regular readers of this blog are also likely inebriated at this very moment

That said, and in light of the fact that Barack and Mooshell always seem to have divorce rumors swirling - And Obama and Bronson seem to have a blossoming bromance...
Chattering Teeth Future News - 85-year-old President Obama performs the coin flip at Super Bowl 81. He was accompanied by his husband, 96-year-old Richard Branson (go ahead. Check my math).

69-year-old Tom Brady wins his 35th Super Bowl ring with the Patriots. Talks of playing only for another few years...


  1. I'm hip, but where's Reggie? The bath wather is getting cold... you know what I'm saying?

  2. What's important is "Who is doing the Half-Time Show?"

  3. cube, Branson sent a gagged and bound Reggie into outer space in the year 2027. He is currently in Geo-synchronous orbit over the north pole.

    kid, we'll have to wait and see. I have random thoughts on hundreds of sheets of paper stapled and wall papering my studio with cause and effect predictions and connected by pieces of twine. 99-year-old President Hillary may not allow this moment for obama.

    Ed, I'm a soothsayer, not a magician.

  4. FYI, I left this comment on Cube's Wake Up Call post....

    Cube, I've asked DaBlade to send a sample of his DNA to as sort of a canary in the coal mine operation. If he goes missing in a couple months in some black ops incident, we'll know not to have our DNA examined....

    in response to....

    Kid: Maybe we should consult Jerry (Da Blade) before we go public because he's part of the creepy DNA group, too.

  5. Mama always said, creepy is as creepy does. I never knew what she meant until I found my creepy blog friends on the internets, howbow dah?