Friday, February 3, 2017

I'm a "Louvre" not a fighter

A French solider shot a man who rushed him wielding a machete and yelling "Allahu akbar" near the Louvre museum in Paris.

We may never know this gentleman's motive.

French authorities have opened a terror investigation.

Sounds like a cover-up. What we DO KNOW is that these soldiers were armed with ASSAULT WEAPONS! And they shot this poor man who was simply holding a shawarma knife and possibly just wanted to stop for a bite to eat.

But he was yelling, "Allahu akbar"!

Really? Or was this gentleman a transgender who speaks with a lisp, and you simply mistook him when he was asking for directions to the nearest "Omelette Bar"?  Homophobe!

But the attacker was wearing two backpacks and may have had a second weapon.

Really? What was this "other weapon"? Maybe a pressure cooker filled with his halal-friendly lunch for after he was done browsing the Mona Lisa and the Venus de Milo in the attached museum? Racists!

Obama piped in with a statement from the golf course and accused the French police with 'acting stupidely'. Schmukey Chucky Schumer cried, stating the French were mean-spirited. French foreign minister Jean-Marc Ayrault blamed Trump saying that "Terrorism knows no nationality. Discrimination is no response." Meanwhile, concerned students burned the University of Paris to the ground.


  1. Every time that furthering the caliphate is the motive, the immediate public statement is something to the effect of "We may never know the motive." And that is fake news!

  2. agreed, AOW. But we shall keep our corner of the world free. In conclusion... OMELLET BAR!

  3. This is the kind of news I want to see on my news pages. He may have been asking for directions to the Kahlua Snackbar as well. Nothing better than a pork filled croissant and a Black Russian at mid day.

  4. READY? I just CNN's Jake Tapper earlier this afternoon say this "...the man who was shot was reported to have said Alua Akbar but that's nothing definitive"
    I guess Egyptians COULD say that and kill people and NOT be Muslim terrorists, right!?
    Then they went on to mention how he's EGYPTIAN and that isn't on TRUMP'S LIST and he lived in the UAE but THAT isn't on Trump's List...and I'm shouting at the TV "But nobody on CNN has the guts to remind America it's OBAMA'S LIST!" :-) OMG. Ludicrous!!

  5. A good friend called me last night and told me that the Louvre jihadist had been in Paris only 9 days. A "migrant"?

  6. Z,

    Glad that I wasn't watching CNN when that inanity was spewed by Jake Tapper. I might have stroked out!

  7. Addendum: he came to France on a tourist visa.

  8. 9 days? What a shocker. But maybe he was made to feel marginalized and a victim from white privilege. Unbelievable. Well, not really. And there is always an EXCELLENT chance I will not be watching CNN when Jake Tapper is reading his 'news'. But we don't have to when we have Z shouting at her TV, "But it's OBAMA'S LIST!" LMAO :)

    and Kid, I've never been to Paris, but if they have Kahlua Snackbars and street vendors with the pulled pork crepes and Black Russians, I may have to speak with my travel agent, MahMood.

    and QUICK! Someone waterboard Ed!