Thursday, March 27, 2008

Hillary kneecaps Pelosi

Hillary made a March 19th visit to downtown Detroit in hopes of turning up the pressure on the Obama campaign to accept a re-do Michigan Democratic primary. So Hillary... Talk about your arrival at Metro Airport in Detroit...

I remember landing under sniper fire. There was supposed to be some kind of a greeting ceremony at the airport, but instead we just ran with our heads down to get into the vehicles," Clinton told this reporter. (THAT explains the whole Bosnia flap!)

OK, not really, but Gordon Trowbridge of The Detroit News did write:
Putting aside her standard campaign speech, Clinton made a stark appeal to Obama, saying his failure to allow new votes in Michigan and Florida -- both states have been stripped of their national convention delegates because they held January primaries -- will help Republicans carry those states in November and violates "a bedrock American principle" that every vote should count.
Then I read the Drudge-linked reuters article with this bold headline "Clinton backers warn Pelosi on superdelegate rift". Thunder Thighs is upset with Pelosi for her statement that superdelegates ought to put their full support behind the candidate that obtains the most pledged delegates. Hillary was so angry, she had a group of "donors" (read: flat-nosed Brooklyn guidos) send a letter (read: severed horse head in bed) asking her to "clarify" (read: threatening her to see it her way) that the 800 or so superdelegates are free (read: yah, right!) to support the candidate they think would be the best nominee (read: It better be ME dammitt!).

Hey Hillary. What happened to that bedrock principle of every vote counting? Pelosi was just stating that every primary vote should count, but you seem to be stating that only the super votes should count, and that they should override the paltry primary voter.

This is shaping up to be an August brawl on the convention floor in Denver ladies and gentlemen. I just hope it's in HD!


  1. The Clinton's can't get used to the MSM backing Obama and not them. It used to be the Clinton's could tell any lie and get away with it-not any more!!

  2. Just reading ChatteringTeeth as the one-stop shop for getting caught up on the Hillary sniper flap-doodle.

    As for Detroit Metro airport-- let's just say, there's something cruel about flying out of the ancient, yellowing Smith Terminal (United) and looking through the cold, wet, gray gloom at the glittering, brilliant McNamara (Northwest) Terminal. Like the Emerald City, right there, yet so far out of reach. It's like being in Kosovo and looking out the window at Tokyo.

    But at least we didn't take any incoming sniper fire-- although I was on the plane with a guy who looked like Sinbad and I'm pretty sure the one flight attendant was Sheryl Crow.

  3. Monkeydarts, So glad you survived the super secret "assignment" to our frozen north. Hopefully you found time to relax with a "pop".

    That's "pop" as in "soda", not "pop" as in "a cap in yo a$$!"

    Just local lingo there:)

  4. I limited my pop intake to one can per day whilst in your sector. Soda, of course, means pop with ice cream in it. Unless it's a root beer float.

    Here in the Carolinas the natives call all pop "coke". As in, "What flavor coke do y'all want?" "Root beer." The real oldtimers call a 6 ounce bottle of Coca-Cola a "bottle-a-dope." Hard to find any of those ol' boys around anymore though.