Thursday, March 20, 2008

Too busy to blog

This week's "blog of the week" goes to Monkeydarts. Monkeydarts is an investment banker from South Carolina, and apparently an avid Detroit Tigers fan. Thanks for the comment on the Tigers post, and yes, they shall win it all! Obviously you are a very wise and learned sage. So let's see... My attorney's name is "Snapper", my mortgage specialist is "Pic Pic", and now possibly my new junk bond day trader's name is "Monkeydarts"... Hey Monkeydarts! Do you play golf?

You must go read his blog. Now. Go.


  1. You are too kind. I blundered onto your blog by searching for othe Tigers fans who blog. I immediately put in it my favorites. As for golf... if we played I assure you that you'd soon have all of my money. That ain't much-- but it's all I've got. However, if you can arrange for tix at Comerica this summer I'm there and buying. And if you're passing through the Carolinas on a golf outing--dinner's on me.

  2. Hey Monkeydarts- Snappers are BIG Tiger fans. The relief pitching seems to be the main issue this year. Otherwise it's all stars everywhere!!

  3. pic_pic... relief pitching with Rodney & Zumaya injured and Jonesy closing is very iffy. I get to see them on TV here in about a half hour since I get all the Braves games. The lineup is amazing, that's for sure.