Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Flint Township office space for lease

1187 W Bristol
Conveniently located near I475, I75, and US23 (as well as across the street from Snapper's law office!) [Click Here] for the rest of the details.

Pic pic must have found my advertising rate card agreeable. Lease one of the two available office suites and I will get my golf paid for! I know what you are thinking. That the odds of business executives who are seeking professional office space somehow cyber-stumbling their way here to see this ad are slim. You might be wrong. Don't forget that I have an uncanny ability to draw attention to myself. Remember... CNN was here. Don't doubt me.

Selling something? Buy me a beer and some golf and advertise here.


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  2. Yo Blade- I have seen you do amazing things in the past in both a fidgety and non fidgety manner! If anyone can find me a tenant (and pocket some dough) it's you!!