Thursday, March 6, 2008

Hillary playing dirty with O's picture in ad?

Hillary's round of Texas commercials doctored O's photograph, claims left-wing nut J. Thomas Cronin, a Daily Kos blogger. "Call me crazy, but it certainly appears to me that Sen. Obama's skin tone is significantly darker in the Clinton campaign commercial" than it appeared in the debate, he writes.

"Darkening a black person's skin is seen by many as a deliberate way of making them seem more menacing", says Bill Sanderson inThe New York Post.
The Obama campaign declined to comment on the ad, which appears on the Clinton campaign's Web site. Clinton campaign spokesman Jay Carson rejected any suggestion that Obama's skin was deliberately darkened as "totally bogus." A person's skin color "in every single screen shot looks different . . . It looks different in every single place," Carson told the New York Post.
I love it when liberals "eat their own." I don't know if there is anything dirty or underhanded going on here. Certainly, Hillary wouldn't stoop to these means herself, would she? You be the judge...


  1. I think when I get to vote in the do-over Michigan primary I am going to vote for Obama. I know people say Hillary is eaiser to beat in the general election but I am afraid of the Clinton's doing some sort of dirty trick to sneak her into the whitehouse.

  2. Both candidates would be a disaster. I think Rush has a point stating that half the country already hates Hillary, thereby making her an easier opponent. But I get your point. Put her in a position with the nomination (and all of those old FBI files) and anything is possible.

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  5. Sorry about that unfortunate visitor and his "Meka Leka Hi Meka Hiney Ho". I delted the post, but those types leave a "stink film" if you get my drift.