Monday, March 24, 2008

Nancy Pelosi in "Clueless in DC"

Brother Snapper made the following post to the golf site guestbook:

state you handicap: Confused constantly by the separation of powers thing in the constitution
Comment: Thank you Nancy Pelosi for again injecting yourself into foriegn policy of the US, meeting with the lama dolley, raising your middle finger at china while neglecting any and all lesser important matters like doing your real job and trying to pass legislation and make laws.

Come on Snap Daddy. I'm not sure I want to encourage Pelosi to work on passing legislation and making laws. Besides, what harm could Madam Speaker cause by jetting all over the world (global warming-mongerer?) donning the silly local headwraps, and "injecting" herself into foreign policy? She is, after all, just trying to help!

Oh sure, there was the time when she tried to sabotage relations between the United States and Turkey (thereby trying to hamstring the war effort) by bringing to the floor a resolution condemning Turkey for genocide against the Armanians back in 1915.

Pelosi, like the rest of the Democrats, are invested in our defeat when it comes to Iraq specifically, or the war against terrorism in general. How else can you explain her fighting every step of the way against the extension of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA)?

Or how about her meeting with Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad claiming that, "the road to peace leads through Damascus."

And now her latest foreign policy fruit cake: visiting with that spiritual dude in the wife-beaters robe to criticise Chinese "oppression" in Tibet. The point here is not to defend China (or to make fun of Dolly Parton Lama), but to cringe when Pelosi the hack tries to take on delicate foreign policy matters. Maybe China didn't notice.

China has called US House speaker Nancy Pelosi a "defender of arsonists, looters and killers".

If only we could replace her gavel with a live salmon.

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