Tuesday, September 11, 2012


I like just about anything on my pizza. The main exception are those slender, dark and smelly worm looking things... what do you call them?... That's right. Barack Obamas.

I also hate those anchovys.

You lift the HOKEY POTUS
and you spike him to the ground
That's what it's all about


  1. I find this post to be quite insensitive and just a little bit specieist.

    What have anchovies done to you anyways?

  2. I don't like anchovies myself, but tolerate them more than I tolerate this ignorant buffoon who is a registered republican yet voted for BO once and proudly announces he will do so again. Dude, it's time for some introspection. As a business owner, it's time for some common sense in your life.

  3. Haha Chuck! Even brainless tiny salty fish thingys are insulted by the comparison. My deepest apologies to these innocent creatures.

    Cube, I had no idea about this guy being a Republican as I didn't read into the story. I just figure he was another lifelong liberal blockhead. Wonder if his brain fried from over exposure to the ovens.