Saturday, September 15, 2012

Michelle Obama grilled by hostile "press"

Whether you like Michelle Obama or not, you have to give her some respect for doing something her husband will not - That is, exposing herself to a hostile press. Sure, they were only elementary and middle school kids she met at a campaign stop at a Virginian YMCA. But they sure were tougher than anything Obama has been through.

The kids had tough questions for the first lady (here are a few):

"As she entered the room, one boy pointed at her and yelled “Obama.” The First Lady said “No, I’m his wife.”

Random Kid: Are you the president?
Michelle: “I am not a president. I am married to the president,”
Random Kid: Where is Obama?
Michelle:  “He’s at work."

Then, according to the story, Michelle "then asked the adults, 'Where is Barack Obama?' She was told he’s in Colorado today." Apparently, Michelle didn't believe the children were as gullible as the average liberal when told that Barack "was at work".  Of course, the confirmation that he was in Colorado did not preclude the probability that he was on the golf course at that moment while the Middle East was burning.

Back to the grilling...

Random Kid: Do you like Barack Obama?
Michelle: “I do like Obama, I like him a lot.”

How about THAT question folks? Even these young minds struggle against indoctrination and the NEA approved template that Obama is actually "likeable". They have TVs at home and know better. As for Michelle's answer, what would you expect her to say? However, she does sound a little like a "corporate wife" if you ask me.

When asked by a kid where the Obamas would live if President Obama loses, "The First Lady said they could figure that out later," according to the pool report...

Another boy asked her if she thinks Obama will get outrun by Mitt Romney. “I watch TV,” he said by way of explanation, adding that he sees a lot of Romney on TV.

“He does have a lot of commercials,” the First Lady answered.

What this report doesn't mention is whether or not those last two questioners (we'll call them little Woodward and Bernstein) will have IRS agents auditing their parent's tax returns.

When Michelle had enough, she snapped a command to "eat your vegetables!" before storming out.

Nice job kids! Those hard-hitting "gotcha" questions seemed rehearsed and lead me to believe that the children had advance notice of the First Lady's visit. I imagine the first graders meeting in the corner of the gym having the following conversation that shows up on Youtube because of an "open cellphone connection":

(muddled YouTube audio)
Unknown Child 1: "That’s the question....Yeah that’s the question. "Do you like Obama?..."
Unknown Child 2: "Your question? Your statement?"
Unknown Child 1: "I mean your statement. Not even your tone, because then she can go off on liking him a lot –"
Unknown Child 2:  "And then if she does, I think we can just follow up and say ‘but this morning your answer is continuing to sound' –" the sentence is cut off by an audio feed interruption,
Unknown Child 1: "No matter who she calls on, we’re covered on the one question.”

But that kind of thing wouldn't happen with REAL reporters.

BTW Michelle, I have an answer to the housing question from above... That is, if George will take you in.


  1. These are tougher than any others she will get.

    I assumed Obama would go back home if he were defeated. I would think flights for Kenya left everyday in DC.

  2. This is actually priceless. First the MSM was "scooped" by the "John Edwards" controversy by the National Enquirer and now they are exposed to the point that a First Grader can do the job more efficiently than they.

    That is the problem with the Democrats and their indefensible policies, they cannot whittle down the press pool to the lowest common denominator to control their hypocritical and mentally unbalanced positions.

    If I remember right, Obama is now down to giving his interview to the likes of "Pimp with a Limp"! Need I say more.

    Good job Teeth!

  3. Well Chuck, i'm sure he will be able to afford a better shack than his half brother George enjoys in Nairobi. He has had his way with the treasury for four years.

    Rosey, I do find it funny that these youngins have more probing queries w/o even trying. As for Letterman, I wouldn't be surprised if he ends up in Obama's lap ala the biker chick and Biden.

  4. Thanks, that's a visual I can do without.