Monday, September 17, 2012

Was Elvis watching the anti-Islam movie in 1970 something when he shot his TV?

No time to follow up on this, but am a little curious as to the identity of the dude in the picture I see on my homepage Drudge. It looks like Mort from Bazooka Joe being taken in for questioning.
Not sure why (stale bubblegum?), but in this new world order, just insert any conservative blogger who irritates Obama and he will have them roughed, cuffed and brought in for "questioning".

Then again, maybe this insensitive comic is the cause for unrest among the otherwise peacefull desert dwellers in the Middle East.


  1. Great observation. I thought of something out of Dick Tracey.

  2. Haha, yes! Hey Chuck, if we can't laugh at the loss of our country and freedoms, what CAN we laugh at? OK, mine is more like a maniacal snarl, but from far away it might look like I'm gigling.