Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Leaked Video! Romney now states that "47% of Tsetse flies are dependent on an unsuspecting host"

Today's headlines...

Mitt Romney's '47 Percent' Comments Are 'Not The Way I View The World' 
Insensitive to mature maggots! 
Obama compassionately for redistributing germs 
Romney's comments rock campaign... 
May lose turd sitter's votes 

OK, actually 100% of these little vampires feed on the blood of vertebrate animals. However, both Tsetse flies and liberalism are known to cause human sleeping sickness.
pics on Sodahead

Meanwhile, from David Letterman's guest couch: Obama says he "works for everybody, not just for some". Uhhh mister president? You're doing it wrong.


  1. BO does have a history with flies...

  2. Quick, somebody stop that poor creature from biting Obama.

    I love how the most divisive President in history is making hay about Romney's statement.

    I will agree, he is working for everyone that is an illiterate, parasitic, leftist turd. And don't think this is a narrowly defined group.

  3. Yeah, like I should care about something Romney said at a fundraiser yet ignore what Obama is really doing to this country. He (Obama) may think were fooled by "look over here" and "ignore what's in front of you", but I guarantee we are not.

  4. Ah Cube, you refer to Obama's gutsy call in swatting that fly during a CNBC interview back in 2009. Of course it is rumored that same fly had been following Obama around for 6 months before the president finally decided to go it alone.

    Chuck, sadly you're right.

  5. Rosey, according to andrea mitchell, what's right in front of you has not yet been vetted. Just ignorenyour lying eyes and listen to the melodic tone of obama's pep rallys.