Monday, September 29, 2014

Diehard Wolverine Fans call for Coach Brady Hoke's Head

Just some harmless fun with free online newspaper headline generators...

Brady Hoke's Severed Head Leads Michigan to Rose Bowl!
Ann Arbor — Back on September 27, things looked bleak for Brady Hoke and his University of Michigan Wolverines. They had just suffered a 16-point humiliation at home by the Minnesota Gophers and dropping the Wolverines to 2-3 overall.

"There were only a few thousand fans left in the Big House by the fourth quarter that day," garbled Hoke's severed head, "but they sure were loud." The crowd was calling for the head coach's "head" with the "Fire Brady" chant. Apparently, someone took them literally, as Brady's head rolled onto the practice field that next week.

That's when the team turned things around. "We followed Head Coach Brady's head and went on a roll ourselves," said quarterback Devin Gardner. "Coach was finally motivating us to roll with it!"

"We don't not care about your American infidel fooootball," said one jihadist. "But we were like, 'hey! A severed head!'"

Cue wavy line thingys for a look into the future and possible newspaper headline from 2015 season opener...

UM Falls To Appalachian State 62 - 0, as the Wolverine's, led by Brady Hoke's severed head get "OUT THUNK" by the Mountaineers and their new "head coach", Brady Hoke's headless torso.


  1. I give up. Where'd you get the newspaper article?

  2. Ed, sold out! Hey I forget if you're a UM or Sparty fan (or other, including 'I don't care'). I've always been a Michigan man AND Notre Dame fan. Hate to see that rivalry end and hate to see the sad state of football in AA these days.