Thursday, September 4, 2014

Chicken Synergy

BLOG READER ADVISORY: Ready to have your virtual minds blown in 3 steps?

Back in May, I posted about cutting-edge technology involving virtual reality headsets made FOR chickens, "making them believe they are free-range, even if they are not," titled:
Top 5 ways to spoil your chicken

Say hello to I, Chicken, PETA’s Innovative Virtual Reality Experience, which promises to "Turn You Into a Chicken"

PETA’s youth division, peta2, will take the cutting-edge, three-minute I, Chicken experience to more than a hundred college campuses, where thousands of young people will discover firsthand what it’s like to be a chicken—seeing their reflection, socializing with other chickens, and enjoying a dust bath. The VR experience helps people develop empathy for chickens, who aren’t seen as individuals with interests, wants, and needs but rather as producers of meat and eggs.

I sense that some of you may be ahead of me already...

IMAGINE, if you will, joining these two distinct technologies together. On the one hand you have chickens wearing virtual reality headsets displaying soothing utopic chicken scenes and peaceful surroundings. Sure, the virtual stimuli are all lies, as the chickens are actually standing in their own feces awaiting slaughter. NOW IMAGINE that the human wearing the I, Chicken headset is wired to a chicken wearing it's own VR headset....

I'll take a second so you can catch up on that last concept... The human "sees" what the virtual chicken would "see" out of the chicken VR... To recap, my twist on these existing technologies will allow people wearing these headsets to ignore the reality of their situation, believe the lies they are continually being fed while they march forward toward their own decapitation.

I call it "I, Journalist".

Here is the split screen video of a gentleman "playing" I, Chicken. I find it hilarious watching these clueless creatures strut around without a cogent thought in their heads... I'm talking about human liberals. I love the chickens.


  1. Yes these VR headsets are a little disorienting. This made more sense to me yesterday :)