Friday, September 12, 2014

It's Curtains for ElDiablObama

So do YOU see the horns?
Obama's Halo Turns Into Horns

Drudge debuted a photo of Obama from his speech (Wednesday) night with the curtains behind him formed into the shape of devil horns... one can't help but wonder if the last few years of lies, deception and scandals have finally taken a toll on how photographers present him.

I'm sorry. Maybe it's just me, but I'm not seeing any horns.

This must be one of them obstacle intrusion thingys.  You know the ones...
"Is it Marilyn Monroe or is it Albert Einstein?". "it's a horse!" "No, it's a frog you big dummy!" Or the latest, "Is it a president or just a community organizing jackass?"

Frustrated that I couldn't see what everybody else apparently could see, I enlarged the picture and zoomed in on the president so I could search pixel by pixel for these so-called horns everybody is talking about.
Nope. Still not getting it. All I can see are regular curtains behind our glorious leader. REALLY people? Sometimes curtains 'just be' curtains.

Can we just put this nonsense to rest and let our president get back to work protecting us?


  1. I watched the speech, didn't see the horns then, but he sure did look more like the character you shopped from "The Bible".

  2. Ed, if you squint you can even see his forked tongue.

    Hi cube, don't be scared. It's just Carol Burnett wearing a curtain!

  3. Am having trouble commenting on Blogger, suddenly..
    this is a test...sorry to do that to you.

  4. Oh, in!
    What's UP with these websites, anyway?

    Well, all I wanted to say (was it worth all this to you?!!) was this:


  5. Hey Z! Don't know why you had to fight your way in but glad you made it. And to your question, you know that I have a history ont his blog of only seeing the positive in our president.

  6. I see the horns.
    And the lies.
    But have done so before it was cool.
    (On blog vacation but just had to stop by and say howdy.) ~:)

  7. Hey sparks! Hope the time off is relaxing!