Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Hacked Celeb Cartoon Nudes have some animated

First came the naked and semi-naked pictures of celebrities like Jennifer Lawrence put online by hackers who hacked the celebrities’ online accounts. Now comes a massive cache of nude pictures of cartoon celebrities hitting the internet.

What Spongebob Squarepants (the first openly gay cartoon sea sponge) and his starfish pal Patrick share in the privacy of their own iCloud is not my business.

UPDATE: Chattering Teeth Blog has learned that Sandra Fluke is suing the anonymous hacker for refusing to publish the pictures of herself in the buff that she sent him numerous times, only to receive them back with "Return to Transgender" in the subject line. There are some things even the most perversely curious don't seem to have the stomach for.


  1. There's no Betty Boop. I'm terribly disappointed.

  2. Jess! I LOVED BETTY BOOP (not that I'm old enough to know who she is, of COURSE!) But I do remember "boo boo bee doop!" :=)

    Ed, you, too!!


    Jerry...'return to transgender'. :-)

    By the way..on the subject of FLUKE....to my dying day, I'll always wonder how we got to the point in AMerica where a young unmarried student would THINK of going on TV in front of CONGRESS and demanding WE pay for her birth control so SHE CAN HAVE SEX, that we ALL know about, and not have a child.. MY GOSH.

    what an animated cartoon character SHE could be drawn into.! A scary thought when I suggest something like this to YOU, Jerry! :-)

  3. Jess, she was there but you were late. Betty Boop has lawyered up and I had to take it down.

    Ed, I have a Mooshell instead if you're interested?

    Z, As you recall, Fluke gave her "testicalmony" in a mock hearing of only democrats and the media attempted to pass it off as before Congress. In any case, I totally agree with you. It seems I can't go more than a week or two before I take another cheap shot at her on this blog and I suspect that will only continue. I have no tolerance for this kind of trash who attack the Church as she did. I know that is counter to teachings but I have never been very good at cheek turning.

    As for your suggestion, I will see what I can do for you... Hmmmm... but it will have to be photoshopped as my drawing ability is not up to that task :)

  4. lmboooooooooo those toons ought to know better !!!

  5. Jerry...Dems or all of Congress..doesn't matter. I'm trying to picture my father, a man of love and great character, seeing one of his daughters appear in front of men and women, on television, announcing the watcher must pay for her unmarried sex life. OY!! Right?'
    What's happened that this doesn't bother anybody?

    I heard last night that Hollywood is OUTRAGED at the nude celeb pictures being leaked after having been hacked. NOBODY outraged that they'd TAKE nude picture of themselves and put them on their computers/sending them, etc?

  6. Ed, HAHA! Gotcha!

    WHT, I know! Its not like they're "toonagers" anymore (ugh:)

    Z, just a guess, but I have no doubt your father could not have been prouder of you... funny/sad what gets the left outraged, ain't it? The really give my lateral thinking skills a workout trying to lampoon these fools.