Saturday, September 6, 2014


Check out this screen capture of today's front page web edition of the Detroit Free Press and it should tell you all you need to know about the culture rot stew we're soaking in.

Apparently, today's top "front page worthy" stories include the outcry over a knocked-up lesbian chemistry teacher losing her job (and apparently custody of the classroom turkey baster), a vacant and decaying building in downtown Detroit getting a makeover (isn't that like putting lipstick on a Fluke?), and lastly - a heart-warming, human-interest story about Detroit satanists who promise not to sacrifice animals and people. (which moves the Detroit satanists to the superior moral highground over the near-by Dearborn muslim population).

Seriously? THESE are your top stories today? BTW, I pinky swear I did not Photoshop that front page.

The other thing I find of interest is the wording of the headlines, and how they attempt to project two concepts:

Take, for example, the top story. The headline reads:
Support grows for gay teacher who says pregnancy cost her job

The wording is meant to get you to share in a collective outrage over the apparent homophobic and discriminatory treatment of this poor lady, and maybe even to "spur" you into action in joining the "outpouring of support and a social media and letter-writing campaign" against these archaic haters.

The article links to an online petition challenging you to STAND WITH BARB WEBB! A letter was sent to administrators, which reads in part:

...We ask that you change your policies around LGBT issues for staff and students. We want to know that all people associated with Marian will have a fair chance at success and happiness in their life no matter what sexual orientation they are. We would like to see a student LGBT group...

But what if the headline to this same story were to read:

Support grows for all-girls Catholic School in Bloomfield Hills releasing teacher who violated a morality clause with “lifestyle or actions directly contradictory to the Catholic faith”

That's right. Marian is a Catholic, all-girls school in Bloomfield Hills, with an annual tuition this year of $11,600. So let me be clear (as our illustrious Dear Leader likes to say) ...


According to new numbers from the USDA, the average cost of raising a child to the age of 18 has skyrocketed to $245,000. Almost a quarter of a $Million, and that's BEFORE college costs! That figure also assumes you "take advantage" of public education and Michelle Obama's free lunches. That figure DOES NOT include tuition to send your daughter to Marian. (I'm guessing Sandra Fluke and her expenses were also dropped from this study, as this amount wouldn't cover her annual cost of contraception).

As it is with all averages, some pay more and some pay less.

And that's my point. I STAND WITH MARIAN because $245,000 might be about how much the wife and I paid to cover the cost of our boy's hockey skates and ice times from their high school years, and maybe a bit towards their Catholic school tuition. Yes, the high cost of parochial secondary education, coupled with expensive extra-curricular activities is OPTIONAL. My wife and I had made the decision that our children's education was worth the additional substantial cost in order to avoid the State-controlled secondary indoctrination that amounts to, at best, a soft child abuse in my opinion.

I STAND WITH MARIAN HIGH SCHOOL, because it is a beautiful Catholic college preparatory school for young women, founded in 1959 and sponsored by the Sisters, Servants of the Immaculate Heart of Mary.  Go to their website linked above and if you do nothing else, watch their promotional video on the right border titled "see why parents and students choose Marian."

STUDENT: "...I love the teachers. I can really look up to them, and I can learn so much from them."

So in conclusion, I have a solution, and it ties in ALL 3 STORIES mentioned at the top.  If you are one of the parents or students who is outraged at Marian in their firing of this pregnant lesbian teacher, then by all means go visit the Detroit Satanists Progressive Prep High School for the morally corrupt and insane.  That vacant building getting the makeover in downtown Detroit could house this new school. Maybe they would also be happy to start your little LBGLMNOP club of like-minded carpet munchers. In any case, I think you will find their "morality clause" more to your liking.

We, at Detroit Satanist High School promise not to let your little one's sacrifice go wasted!
"..bbb-but you promised not to sacrifice humans or animals?! *lip quiver*"
Thaaat's right, but we here at DSPP lie!
Don't forget this week's Friday night football game. Come out and support your Hell Devils while you still can!


  1. So glad I dropped my subscription to that rag.

  2. Ed, I understand, and I am equally glad my job no longer entails the success rate of attention-grabbing headlines. When I was with the newspaper in Flint, we Circulation folks constantly struggled to get the ear of the Editorial department for input regarding the daily placement of stories and pictures "above the fold" on page 1... You know, the upper half of the newspaper that is all that is visible in a newspaper box. Since home delivery was locked in for that day, the only wild card was single copy impulse buys at grocery store lines and gas stations. We "loved" the artsy pics of dandelions or cats dominating the entire front page real estate (sarcasm intended)... so in that sense, bold and audacious attention-grabbers "good" if it inspired unplanned purchases. I have no idea if the print version of the Freep mimic these front page web stories, and if they do, I wonder if this is what sells as news these days. Like I said though. Glad my fortunes no longer rely on the answer to that.

  3. I'm with Marian, too.
    Why they hired her is another question. I wonder if she's hurt any of the students, or if parents knew she was a lesbian.
    Lesbians can do/say what they want, of course...who cares? But when it comes to educating our kids, particularly if parents believe they're getting the best morality situation possible in this morass created in America lately, should she have been there?

    The Christian school I am associated with is FAR BETTER than Marian (smile, I'm kidding, but I LOVE that school!!!)..anyway, we do a FABULOUS drama in the Fall and musical in the Spring and, a few years ago, we did a show that had some pretty foul language in it and some pretty foul inferences (the Visual Arts Head was the only far leftie we had there at the time on the staff)....It was a great production but didn't make some of the parents happy.
    My feeling was "let public schools present stuff with smut in it, this school's supposed to be a shining light in an otherwise lost neighborhood of upper income secular libs"

    This pregnant lesbian teacher might have been a shining academic, and to live a lesbian lifestyle in private is FINE, but to then pop up pregnant?

    No way.

    VERY funny take on this, however, Jerry, AS USUAL!

  4. By the way, I'll bet $50 she's reinstated at Marian.

    What do you think will happen?

  5. Good questions regarding whether there was foreknowledge Z, as it doesn't really go there. Apparently, it appears she has been openly gay in direct violation of the morality clause and angst Church doctrine. I'm sure she can get another job at any secular school, and likely her condition will be a resume enhancement. If she goes out and bombs the Pentagon, she might even get a college professorship!

    BTW, I always love hearing about your school teaching stories, and I relate to them having dabbled in sub teaching a few years ago. As for the riske drama production, I agree that Christian schools need to hold themselves to higher standard. As for your bet, my wife and I had that very same discussion. I don't have any ties to this school nor inside knowledge, but If I had a kid there I would definitely take your bet.

  6. It is wonderful the Catholic Church can exploit human rights and hide behind their religious beliefs. We've had labor contracts based on the surrender of fundemental human rights. We called it slavery. It's about moving forward as a morale society. Selectively living by a book the was written 1,000's of years ago is silly. How many Catholics live their lives directly by the words of the Bible? No sex before marriage, no divorce, coveting thy neighbors wife, etc. When are we going to evolve as a society and adapt to respecting ALL of gods creatures? Even recent society could see the injustice by our founding fathers of this country. Ending slavery, woman rights to vote to name a few. Love conquers hate! "Who am I to judge"~Pope Francis

  7. Hmmm. I guess I don't have to set Bradley straight. Good work.

  8. Ha! Child's play Ed. I'll let you take any tough ones.

  9. Bradley Lusk suffers badly under the assumption that because some of us believe in morality and setting good examples for our children that we HATE lesbians and gays, which couldn't be further than the truth. But, it's a Progressives mantra that seems to work for them in their hate. Sad.
    I agree Jerry; it's those who pervert the teachings and those who mischaracterize them, like Bradley, who should be ashamed as their closed minds consume them.

    ". I'm sure she can get another job at any secular school, and likely her condition will be a resume enhancement. If she goes out and bombs the Pentagon, she might even get a college professorship!"
    That is PERFECTLY said!