Thursday, January 29, 2015

Michelle Obama inadvertently lets her boob slip out in Saudi Arabia

Somewhere in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia... Michelle Obama inadvertently lets her boob slip out. And by "boob", I mean her husband, Barack.

What do you think, "Wardrobe malfunction"?

Keith Koffler, White House Dossier
We get plenty of lectures about not respecting other people’s cultures, but we often do our best. The Saudi leaders arrive here dressed in their pajamas and make our presidents walk along with theirs holding hands like a pair of little girls, as is the Saudi custom. The Saudis should have shown some respect themselves, and shook the first lady’s hand if they were going to go through a receiving line.

Meanwhile, back home...

First, WH Spokesman Eric Schultz refuses to call the Taliban a Terrorist Organization.

“The Taliban is an armed insurgency,” not a terrorist group.

Later, the reclusive yet handsome conservative blogger known only as "DaBlade" from Chattering Teeth caught up with the Spokes Idiot for follow up questions.

DABLADE: So the administration refuses to call the Taliban "terrorists", correct?
SCHULTZ: I believe the correct pronunciation for these freedom fighters is "Toly-Bahn".
DABLADE: OK. How about this... The 1988 movie titled Hero and the Terror starring Chuck Norris, is about an LA cop who hunts down an escaped serial killer nicknamed "The Terror" due to his propensity for snapping women's necks and taking their corpses to his lair in an abandoned movie theater. Would you describe this psycho serial killer as "The Terror" or "serial insurgent"?
SCHULTZ: Why was the movie theater abandoned? Was Selma playing instead of American Sniper?
CHARLES KRAUTHAMMER: Look, you can't parody this administration
DABLADE: Thanks Charles. Doesn't mean I'll stop trying.


  1. Boobs, Michelle Obama, Armed Insurgents, Terrorists and Chuck Norris in one post.

    I bow towards genius.

  2. Tollybon.
    I never want to see her boob again.
    Any of them.

  3. Z, Saudi's in men's suits instead of pajamas? If only obama would throw a tarp over them like he does the cross and other religious symbols at christian colleges he visits.

    Jess, An angry Mooshell just might be Chuck Norris' biggest challenge yet. I think she could take repeated nunchuk blows to the face and upper torso without flinching.

    Ed, that was the first photo on this blog of the First Boob so far this year! I have cut back since you lodged that complaint.

  4. CHARLES KRAUTHAMMER: Look, you can't parody this administration.

    No kidding!

    How can anyone have any respect for this administration now?

  5. AOW, Thanks. However, it's usually a "downhill climb" after my blog post title.