Saturday, October 8, 2016

Grab 'em by the "Hannity"

Trump's "hot mic" moment.
It is most cringe-worthy watching the Trumpeter apologists do the moral equivalence dance. Just stop.

At least there is a silver lining. One day, folks will look back on this sordid episode and realize this was the moment when the phrase, "Grab 'em by the Hannity" was popularized.


  1. Had a long discussion yesterday about moral relativism and Trump trying to excuse his behavior relative to Bill Clinton. There is no excuse for the behavior.
    But his behavior relative to Clinton, seeing as how one will become president, absent Divine Intervention, informs who I will vote for.
    Hannity? Professional suck up.
    Is he going for Press Secretary?

  2. One will become president, but they will have to do it without me. I don't want to end up curled up in a hot shower and sobbing (like AceVentura, after he learned einhorn was really a man and he had kissed him). I could never get clean after voting for that scumbag. Doesn't matter what we do here in communist Michigan so might as well leep our dignity.

  3. there doesn't seem to be dignity anywhere my friend! why don't u run for office? change all that in a heartbeat! lol xoxoxoxox