Monday, October 17, 2016

Hey Sparty, Can you hear me now?

Hey, I’m Paul, I'm that schmarmy and effeminate pretend hipster who wears horn-rimmed glasses and a real imitation faux-leather jacket. I used to be known for those Verizon commercials where I asked, "Can you hear me now?."

But guess what, it’s 2016, and every network is great. In fact, Sprint’s reliability is now within 1% of Verizon.

Hey, I'm Jim Bob, and I never went to college but I used to be a Spartan fan and our slogan was, "It Starts Here," and I used to talk smack on the 'puter to all the Michigan fans. Not anymore. And certainly not after our 4th straight loss, with the latest against Northwestern - who lit us up for 54 points. Talk about 'Sh*tty coverage!'.
But guess what, it’s 2016, and the Michigan Wolverines are great.  Can I switch my loyalties like Paul?



  1. Your fellow alumnus brother loves it! And so does your 2nd cousin on your daddy's side and your 1st cousin on your mama's side.

  2. I knew I'd win you over on that.
    Just trollin' sparty a little.