Thursday, November 14, 2013

Another Hitler Photobomb

This linked article would have us believe that the Nazis invented photoshopping in 1914 and that the face in the crowd in this famous photograph of Munich's Odeonsplatz is not really a young Adolf Hitler’s.

However, after closer scrutiny over a steaming mug of morning coffee and squinting through my readers, I am prepared to set the internets on storm by proclaiming this photo legit. That is definitely Hitler with the funny 'stache.

Now as for that Chinese dude in the bottom of the blowup..
I'm almost positive I've seen that dude from somewhere before.


P.S.: Rearranging the letters of "Munichs Odeonsplatz" produces this very ominous anagram:

A Schnitzel Dooms Pun


cube said...

Schnitzel not toaster strudel?

DaBlade said...

No, not Toaster strudel. Too many disturbing anagrams from this, including: "Roasted Turtles", "Darts Roulettes", and "Leotard Set Ruts".

cube said...

I'm impressed with the first two, but with the third... what the hell?

DaBlade said...

Haha! I meant "Rust"... and really what could be worse than a rusty leotard?