Saturday, November 9, 2013

Partly Right-Wing with a Chance of Pork Meatballs

If you're like me, you've heard the rumors about a massive and highly radiated floating garbage pile in the middle of the Pacific Ocean - a huge and toxic debris field washed to sea after a tsunami caused the Japanese Fukushima nuclear power plant meltdown - and you've dreamed about leaving Obamaville and relocating to live free there eating two-headed fish.

Hey, no place is perfect, but Plutonium Island sounds like a much more preferable place to live than the current Un-united States of Progressivism.

Then I read the following headline this morning from the NY Times:
Right Wing’s Surge in Europe Has the Establishment Rattled
and I think that maybe, just maybe, putting the Mayflower in reverse and migrating back East across the Atlantic might be an option. Could Europe now possibly be more conservative than the current sad state of the U.S.?

Intrigued, I *click link - read - learn*

Mikkel Dencker of the Danish People’s Party has found yet another cause to stir public anger: pork meatballs missing from kindergartens... Mr. Dencker is furious that some day care centers have removed meatballs, a staple of traditional Danish cuisine, from their cafeterias in deference to Islamic dietary rules... The missing meatballs, he said, are an example of how “Denmark is losing its identity” under pressure from outsiders.

Maybe that's the catalyst we need here? You can take away my liberty as long as you don't wake me from my nap. You can remove my individual freedoms one by one, and I'll take as much notice as the proverbial frog in the slowly heated pot of water. Destroy the finest healthcare system the world has ever seen *whatever* Criminalize Christian beliefs *yawn* Confiscate my guns *pishaw* JUST HANDS OFF MY MEATBALLS!

First, let me say that as a fan of Danish cuisine, I applaud you sir! (Full disclosure. Not really sure what a complete Danish menu would encompass, but I do know that I enjoy a good Danish. And meatballs.)

Secondly, it occurs to me that this is the second blog I've done with an underlying theme of the Danish people fighting Islamofacism. The first one was back in January, 2010, and had to do with that Danish cartoonist who drew that now-famous picture of their prophet with a bomb in his bonnet. Here is an excerpt strictly for my viewing pleasure:

"Danish police arrest man trying to kill cartoonist"

For some reason I found humor in the rearranging this headline to read:

Cartoonist Police Arrest Danish Trying To Kill Man

Dear Cheese Danish, you have the right to remain delicious. Any calories you have in your flaky crust or creamy center can and will be used against me in a pair of pants. You have the right to a French Chef. If you cannot afford a French Chef, one will be pompously thrust upon you. Do you understand this recipe as it has been read to you?


As you can see, I've always tried to get to the crux of the matter.

In conclusion, I wish success to Europe’s Tea Party movement, though I fear your "welfare state mentality" is just too ingrained. You've been wearing that human hair weave taken from the corpse of socialism for far too long, and as a result, flesh-eating entitlement maggots have burrowed deep into your brains.

As for me, as attractive as that floating radiation pile may look (and the hopeful glimmer from this Danish politician), I'm staying put. I will, however, be adding freeze-dried cheese danishes to the bug-out pack.

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