Thursday, September 17, 2015

GOP debate winners and losers

This is how I scored it. This first tier are candidates who I would enthusiastically vote for (at this point) and in order of preference (not in order of debate performance, but overall Chattering Teeth support). In parenthesis are the "under-card" debate participants (I watched them both). They all had solid debate performances last night IMO. Santorum and Jindal were both on fire at the early debate, but with a field of only four (and considering the other two pathetic participants) they had more oxygen to breath. Ted was brilliant, as usual, calling out obama as the world's leading financier of islamic terrorism. Cruz also in the short line of candidates supporting Republicans reclaiming the "power of the purse" and not preemptively surrendering to obama (as has been the case).  I loved Jindal's statement, and I'm paraphrasing, that we should just get rid of the Repulican party if they can't even defund Planned Parenthood at this point. I AGREE, BOBBY! As for Santorum, he invoked Reagan's Eleventh Commandment in admonishing Bobby's Trump-centric scorn, stating attacks on fellow Republicans only helps Hillary Clinton. I hope Santorum gains traction. I forget what Walker said (which might be a problem of his) but I like this dude cuz "he has done it."

Ted Cruz
(Rick Santorum)
Scott Walker
(Bobby Jindal)

This middle group is interesting to me. These folks are in my middle group because I question their conservatism and they have some work to do to convince me. I absolutely think Fiorina, Huckabee and Rubio knocked it out of the park last night. Trump didn't hurt his front-runner position, while Paul and Carson were uninspiring and dropping. Although I will say that Rand may have helped himself with the "dope smoker isolationist" niche. His best line came when he was called to weigh in on a Trump-Carson disagreement regarding vaccinations, and Rand says, "You mean you want a second opinion?" This was an obvious slight to Trump by disregarding his opinion as even counting, but then his answer seemed to align more with Trump's, which I found odd. I really liked Huckabee's refrain that we can't afford another person who "doesn't know what they don't know," and was powerful in his defense of Davis and the "criminalization of Christianity." Hmmm... I might need to consider moving Huckabee up a couple pegs...

Marco Rubio
Carly Fiorina
Mike Huckabee
Donald Trump
Ben Carson
Rand Paul

Candidates who have no chance of inspiring me to even bother to go to the polls. Christie was the clear winner of this group. I agreed with his substance and style, but unfortunately I have seen enough of him to know who he really is. I wonder if the backroom money establishment types will continue to stick with "The Jebster" after another luke warm performance. As for my bottom three of Pataki, Kasich and Graham - they should immediately concede, drop out and apologize for even running in the first place.

Chris Christie
Jeb Bush
(George Pataki)
(John Kasich)
(Lindsey Graham)

How did u see it?

UPDATE: Go to Z's place. There are a lot of smart people weighing in on this. I had to include my comment from there because I made myself laugh again.

Based purely on the question regarding what secret service name they would pick for themselves, I liked Ted’s answer of “Cohiba”. Winner of the under-card debate was Jindhal, when he stated we should just throw out the Republican party and start over if these yahoos can’t defund Planned Parenthood after those videos (I’m paraphrasing again). I LOVED that. Winner of the main event (based on poll bumps) was probably Carly. 

OH, I JUST REMEMBERED SOMETHING! Between the debates, CNN staged a phot with all the candidates from the kiddie table and the main debates. Jindhal was the only no show. I wonder if that was purposeful? Were it me, I would have wandered onto stage late, wearing an obama mask and holding a selfie stick.

I did find that plane in the background somewhat distracting.


  1. thanks for adding my link, Jerry; I appreciate that. Yes, good stuff over there in comments.

    I think Carson did much better than you apparently did.....and Jeb, too. I don't know what it is about Jeb that's making me like him more and more. Rubio was WAY better this time, Walker a little better, Huckabee strikes me as Christie and Rand Paul do; all about THEM...I KNOW it's the same for all the candidates, but these particularly look around the room very often for approval as they talk and that SO puts me off somehow.. Matter of fact, I do occasional speaking and I'm going to check that in myself.

    I thought Carly ROCKED the debate. I can't take Lindsay Graham and didn't watch the first debate, but saw clips of him that I actually laughed at and liked! I'm TOTALLY behind the 'drinking' line about Reagan and O'Neill and have said VERY often at my blog, that "smoke filled rooms are highly underrated"...these were places men could really talk, hash politics out, ...that doesn't happen anymore. They all fly home on the wknds and that promotes no understanding, kids don't go to school together, wives never meet; I think it was better in Washington when families moved TO D.C. after elections.........that promoted the kind of talking Reagan and O'Neil were able to do. does that make sense? Ya, I thought ol' Lindsay said some funny stuff...who knew? of course, I'd NEVER vote for him, but...

  2. I didn't get to see the debate but that never stops me from having an opinion. :)
    We're pretty much on the same page as far as who we "like" or trust. There are so many good candidates this time (unusual for the GOP). Hubby and I are leaning towards Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, Carly, Mike Huckabee, etc. The ones I definitely will NOT vote for are Chris Christie, Jeb Bush, George Pataki, John Kasich, or Lindsey Graham.
    I like Z's blog too. She's always spot on with her observations.

  3. It seems that I saw it differently than most. I thought Fiorina was extremely rude by talking over the moderators and other candidates. I was hoping that somebody would have the BALLS to call her on it. My dad's classic line would have fit well - EXCUSE ME for talking while you're interrupting. I think Donald has a point about her face also - she kind of looks like Bill Maher.

    Speaking of Trump, I think he stumbled last night and looked bad for criticizing "W" for the current chaotic state in the Middle East. I agree that Rubio presented well last night, and I liked Kasich's performance as well. I thought he touted his experience well and I especially liked that his priority seems to be paying down this huge national debt.

    The other thing that I noticed is these corksoakers dropping Reagan's name every damn chance they get. Please quit telling me how you are like Ronald Reagan. I knew Ronny Reagan and well, you know the rest. Hell, the name dropping by Carly Stoneface was so bad that she had to bring Steve Jobs into the evening. "Steve Jobs called me when I was fired". Well, isn't that impressive?

    By the way, thanks for letting this independent moderate share his views on your blog.

  4. This is not even a debate.
    It's a reality show.
    Who will get voted off the island next, after Perry?
    I like that, in general, the candidates avoided being goaded into attacking each other.
    Except that guy with the squirrel on his head.
    Carly rocked it when she was on.

  5. Wow! Great thoughts,all. Every time I read these different takes, it gets me thinking. Speaking for myself, I am not 'unswayable' so I like getting challenged. As long as the 'core values shared' column gets checked.

    Z, I don't think we are far off, and I really do like Carson. Like it or not, these debates are beauty contests and in this field I don't think Carson shows enough leg. As for the smokey back rooms, I hear ya. I do have a visual of Reagan putting O'Neil in a head lock and giving him noogies back there :)

    Sparky, "I didn't get to see the debate but that never stops me from having an opinion
    " No it doesn't. What is the saying? Opinions are like... obamas? I am giving you and your hubby the responsibility of the vote for the great state of Georgia. Unless I have to get blamed for Michigan.

    dr h, independent moderates welcome and I always enjoy our palaver of verbal confabulation. As for Carly jumping in and interrupting... do you hate women? OK, sorry just messin' with ya cousin! She did do that, but I think it was to her advantage. Think about Huckabee and Walker almost disappearing on this stage because they didn't jump in and 'show some leg'. Your thoughts on Trump made me stop and go "hmmmm" I agree his attacks agst W hurt him and I thought Christie scored points on that as well in his defense. I cracked up at your last paragraph!

    Ed, I couldn't agree more about the stupid reality show format. I think it says more about the public than anything else. I wonder what percentage of voting public is swayed by style instead of substance. As Trump would say, 'HUGE', and probably why he is so high in polls.

  6. Now wait a minute, he attacked me about my views on women, and I get a chance to respond to it. I LOVE WOMEN! I was misinterpreted about that comment. It was meant as a joke not to be taken literally. As for Carly, "I think she has a very beautiful face, and she's a beautiful woman (as I reset myself from the vomit that just arrived in the back of my throat and Carly scowls at me with that stone face that could scare away a malnourished wolfpack).

    As for my past, I have always loved women. I loved women so much that I had, in the past, been known as a massagegynocologist.