Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Kickapoo U

Free School!!
Washington — President Barack Obama will visit Macomb Community College on Wednesday to tout the use of apprenticeships to rebuild the U.S. workforce (?... I thought obama already fixed that?)  and plans to make community college free for the first two years.

Uhhh... "free for the first two years"??? Isn't that all there is? Exactly how many years does it take for a 'progressive' to earn a "two-year" Associate Degree from a "two-year" Junior College? What about the students who are into their 3rd thru 6th year toward their Transgender Studies degree? How are they supposed to pay for THAT mister obama?

While there, obama wielded his executive authority in renaming Macomb Community College to Kickapoo U, in honor of the Kickapoo Indians who lived in the area in the 1600's.

Just for fun, obama then re-named 'Detroit' to 'Poo' in honor of what the democrats have done to this once proud city.


  1. I think that you are becoming very progressive in your reporting of the news -- catching the spirit of the ObamaNation fully.

  2. Excellent commentary as always DaBlade! I think most of us will be so thankful when we can KickThisPoo to the curb and Just Move On.

  3. WHO IS PAYING FOR THIS? Do liberals realize we're broke and can't keep this idiotic giving away? WHAT THE......??

  4. You're supposed to be funny, not make me angry.

  5. LL, Thanks. I must be 'evolving' to empathize with the progressive mind. I just hope my wife spoon feeds me oatmeal when I get all the way there.

    Sparky, Good one! I know I'll keep kicking!

    Z, Don't worry. The Koch brothers will be made to pay, so it's all good.

    Ed, that's because you're one of them conservative angry guys. You'd probably deny a minimum wage Planned Parenthood stockroom fetus stacker $15 an hour! (how was that LL? :)

  6. God bless you this Sept 11th my patriot friend Jerry:)