Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Pope Francis' Visit (so far)

Tuesday, Sept. 22

4 p.m. - El Diablobama meets El Papa (Dope greets Pope) as he arrives at Joint Base Andrews.

Despite Obama's promise to the Vatican that he would not make a circus of the Pope's visit by having a greeting committee of America-hating anti-Catholics, Obama showed up with his family anyways.

4:15 p.m. - The Pope offers his ring to Obama to kiss. The Pope's ring is also called the Piscatory Ring or Annulus Piscatoris. The ring is part of the Pope's regalia.The Pope’s ring is also commonly referred to as the Ring of the Fisherman. The Pope is the leader of the Catholic Church and the successor of Saint Peter who used to be a fisherman before he became Christ's disciple.

Instead, Obama offers the Pope his own ring he had made from his college Allah Muslim Arabic Ring. "I got your fisherman right here," Obama was overheard saying.

5 p.m. - In a symbolic display, Pope Francis washes the feet of the First Family. Things become tricky when he gets to Mooshell. In order to avoid a diplomatic incident, he insists on completing the job.

Midnight - left foot completed.

 To Be Continued...


  1. They're all so buddy buddy I thought Francis would have wiped their fanny's instead. Sorry, all those Left Wing nut jobs make me ill. My husband calls the pope The False Prophet (like the one predicted in the end times in the Holy Scriptures). Fits you know.

  2. Hi Sparky, as a practicing cradle Catholic who loves the Church, I feel the criticism agst the Pope is a little harsh. A huge majority of knocks agst him are accusations that are out of context or outright falsehoods. I think you know what I think of liberals. This Pope may not be my favorite (Saint John Paul II and Pope Benedict XVI spoiled me) but I would never put him in same category as that POS president.

  3. I'm not fond of a LOT of what this Pope has said but I absolutely agree that a lot of what we hear is taken out of context and outright falsehoods.... I believe the Global Climate Change thing is what bugs me the most and on that, I believe he's badly informed by others. Like Obama?

    Jerry, I got to see John Paul II twice in NYC on the same front of St Patrick's and then when I was walking back to my cousin's apartment, there drove the Pope, who did the sign of the cross practically in my face. I was thrilled, though I'm not Catholic. I was raised Armenian Orthodox and understand and appreciate the liturgy, etc.
    Then I went to Rome often when living in Munich (on business with my husband) and happened to go by the Vatican during a morning when he receives people and saw him...then on another trip we were in Vatican square and he came to his window and blessed the crowd! IS thrilling.

    I've been watching TV much of the day, on and off, but almost can't watch for fear some nut's going to hurt him. I wouldn't be the Secret Service contingent around him on this trip for a million dollars.
    WONDERFUL to see so many young people with such strong faith.......God bless them all!

  4. Wow, Z, sounds like JPII was stalking you! Thanks for sharing those memories from both sides of the pond. You have met almost all of my heroes! That's why you are one of mine :) As for JPII, What a life he led. I watched the movie of him played by Jon Voight about a dozen times (had to play it for every class when I used to sub teach, so I had to watch the fist half of the movie over and over, then the conclusion the next day repeatedly. By the 6th hour, I was lip-syncing the scenes).

    Sounds like we are not far off on Pope Francis. I have stayed away from criticizing him here on this blog but have done so around the house and my wife will rally to his defense. She is no liberal (BELIEVE ME) and a waaay better Catholic than me, so I try to listen rather than babble on the topic. I do like his message of creating a church with the warmth of a "family fire", meaning that love is more powerful than divisiveness. I fail at that quite a bit.