Friday, September 18, 2015

This blog is no longer hungry

McDonald's investor wants it to cut antibiotics in all meats

Hmm... This might hurt the planned rollout of ...

The McPinkeye with Cheese
behold our sumptuous, THREE POUND sear-sizzled injected beef patty smothered in a treatment of sensationally sweet penicillin and tetracycline special sauce, sliced pickles and two slices of Limburger cheese, on a toasted Genetically modified gluten-enriched bun!

guess I'll have to stick with the box of deep fried McChicken Knuckles.


  1. It looks like Ronald Mcdonald is preparing to hurl. The extra pickles must have been too much. I'll take mine with bacon.

  2. *lol* After "Mickie D's" went black I never went back. That junk they serve is hurl inducing anyway.

  3. all, i don't eat fast food much anymore. I have always loved the sausage mcmuffin with egg and cheese. now i want several of them.