Sunday, February 7, 2016


It all started when neurosurgeon Ben Carson missed his cue to walk out onto the debate stage at St. Anselm's College in New Hampshire. From there, it just got worse and worse.

Chattering Teeth News - Dr. Ben Carson missed his bus ride back to hotel after the GOP debate and suffers mild hypothermia while waiting in the parking lot hours after debate concluded. It took a few hours before family members realized the soft-spoken and reserved neurosurgeon was even missing.

He was found by the stage hand who was walking to his car after closing up the auditorium. This was the same stage hand who could be seen behind the curtain trying to wave Ben through to his podium.

"It was dark and I just thought some fool kids had moved the stone statue of that old dude by the fountain," said the stage hand. "It wasn't until I got close enough to hear his teeth chattering and mumbling something about him not out here just to add beauty to the parking lot, or something..."

Dr Carson will be transported home for additional changes of warmer clothing.


  1. So Ben was missing and was found with Chattering Teeth?
    What excuse does Chattering Teeth have?

  2. Chattering Teeth is doing the investigative work the lamestream media refuses to do *swigs half empty bottle of cooking sherry* Stay tuned for the rest of the st *hic* sto *hic*... just stay tuned...

  3. Lol. I think the poor thing should just retire. There is no reason to continue beating a dead horse... I mean with such a low following and an obscure demeanor which many just don't get... so sad *sigh*

    Oh, and I think Dr.Carson should drop out of the GOP race too.


  4. cube, I would LOVE a president Carson, but like you, don't see his path. He's a Detroiter and a pretty tough guy though, demeanor aside.

  5. Did you deliberately ignore my jab or did it fly over your exquisitely satirically-honed head?