Tuesday, February 23, 2016

RUBIO The Cuban Shetland!

Who remembers this scene from Rocky?
Rubio... Do you believe that the GOP is the party of opportunity?

Reince Priebus does. And he’s gonna prove it to the whole world by giving an unknown a shot at the title. And that unknown is you, Rubio.

spoiler alert... Rubio loses in the end.


  1. Bush big $ Donor supporters have shifted to Rubio - All ya gotta know.

  2. Ed, YES! Punching above his weight. There are other Rocky similarities in the Rubio movie. For example, instead of training in a meat locker by punching huge slabs of meat, Rubio is actually the one who gets punched repeatedly by the large slab of meat (played by Chris Christie) but somehow is still given the victory. Both Rocky and Rubio sweat tremendously (Rocky, while running and Rubio, while jabbering & lying) - Rocky drinks raw eggs while Rubio drinks from a water bottle at the most inappropriate times.

    Kid, They know what most of us know. Rubio is for amnesty and open borders. He just is. Oh, and he lies about Cruz (just like Trump's mini-me). He will only be a spoiler unless he drops out and lets the true champion, Cruz, take out Trump.

  3. Those are great points.
    As good as the original post.