Tuesday, February 9, 2016

NAHRAL (Nags At Hillary Rally All Lesbians)

In the news:
NARAL was upset by the Doritos Super Bowl commercial because it showed a human baby inside his mother's womb during an ultrasound and not a potted plant. Either that, or they really don't like salted snacks and were upset that the baby wasn't taunted with kale?

I thought the commercial was funny. NARAL... what is that? Nitwits Against Really Awesome Life?

NAHRAL (Nags At Hillary Rally All Lesbians) use anti-common sense tactics by...  trying to humanize Hillary!

Albright Declares: 'Special Place in Hell' for Women Who Don't Vote Clinton


  1. This just burns my hide. Just because so many blacks responded to the race card and voted for 0bama, doesn't mean women are going to be gullible enough to respond to the sex card and vote for Hillary. It's insulting and condescending.

    My favorite Doritos super bowl ad was the one with the dogs trying to get inside the supermarket. The end was priceless.

  2. Hildabeast is playing the Fallopian tubes card. I am willing to suspend my disbelief and give her the benefit of the doubt that she is in fact biologically female.

    Cube, I agree it's demeaning. Yet look at all the barking seals lined up to vote for genitals, per my disclaimer above. El Diablobama fits right in with this crowd, being the pXXXy that he is.

    Hey, Let's blow that Doritos stock sky high!

  3. I kind of missed that kerfuffle about the ultrasound commercial (plus, I didn't see the ad)...what WERE they upset about? What's the ad say? XX

  4. Honestly, who can vote for this disease. But we will be surprised how many do.

  5. Z, My wife and I did watch that ad live (mainly because it was during the first half and I didn't get sleeeeepy until after halftime :) It never ocurred to me that the jacka$$es would get upset over a presumably married mother and father excited about having a baby. Yes, live births to married couples are more and more rare but they do happen.All hospital visits with pregnant women are not for abortions and accompanied by their fu#@ buddies. Excuse me for getting trump on ya. the progressives are worthless wastes of human meat.

    Kid, not in NH as it turns ou. Of course, voting for bernie and trump doesn't salvage their reputation, does it?