Sunday, February 21, 2016

Perhaps the biggest cheat and deceiver in the animal kingdom is the The Trump

Normally I like my books on my Kindle Paperwhite e-reader, but this one looks like a great coffee table book. It's not available until May 1, but there are plenty of cheats and deceits to keep us busy in the meantime.

Cheats and Deceits: How Animals and Plants Exploit and Mislead
In nature, trickery and deception are widespread. Animals and plants mimic other objects or species in the environment for protection, trick other species into rearing their young, lure prey to their death, and deceive potential mates for reproduction. Cuckoos lay eggs carefully matched to their host's own clutch. Harmless butterflies mimic the wing patterning of a poisonous butterfly to avoid being eaten. The deep-sea angler fish hangs a glowing, fleshy lure in front of its mouth to draw the attention of potential prey, while some male fish alter their appearance to look like females in order to sneak past rivals in mating. Some orchids develop the smell of female insects in order to attract pollinators, while carnivorous plants lure insects to their death with colourful displays.

"...Predators pretend to be flowers, flowers pretend to be bees, harmless snakes pretend to be toxic.“

Perhaps the biggest cheat and deceiver in the animal kingdom is the The Trump, an arachnid with a round and puffy orange face with white circles around its eyes, and an oval mouth that spits nothing but venom 24/7.

It lures its evangelical prey to its web of populist deceit, as if they are in some kind of hypnotic cult trance. These evangelicals should be repulsed by The Trump. They claim to be diametrically opposed to what The Trump stands for, including praising the good works of Planned Parenthood; The Trump has supported the murder of innocent full termed babies; mocks disabled people; makes sexual innuendo regarding his own 'hot' daughter; brags about the married women he has slept with; continuously lies, fabricates, distorts; misreads Bible verses from cue cards; etc. Yet these rats willingly follow single-file this flute playing predator all the way back to his evil lair.

Coming soon... Number Two on the list of cheats and deceivers is The Rubio, a plump and sweaty lying establishment slimeball caterpillar who also pretends to be a conservative butterfly.


  1. I was shocked to hear that the Trump won the evangelical vote in S.C. It makes me wonder if the attack on the Pope didn't help him with these southern bible-belt folk. The rest of the Republicans are going to need to come together real soon behind one other candidate or the Trump is gonna win this thing.

  2. Saw Trump on TV tonight. He will do nothing about obamacare. Think obammycare is bad now? It hasn't even yet begun to suck. It's only been implemented about 10%. Lots more suck ass stuff to come. Taxation. Death Squads. Affirmative action doctas. Say hell to your new friend Doctor Keyshawn or Doctor Lakeisha.

  3. dr h, do you take obamacare insurance? I think you are spot on, and sadly we as a nation get the government we deserve.

    Kid, He said he LIKES the mandate! We are supposed to swoon when he says he is against people dying in the streets. No, no. He wants them to die on a taxpayer funded PP stainless steel gurney.

  4. And that was a lie too. No one was dying in the street. Anyone can get health care at the hospital. (Not the VA though eh?) Anyway, he's full of it. back in the pre-obama days, we only paid for those who needed HC and didn't have ins. Now we're paying for millions who don't even need HC - a lot more expensive.

    If Trump gets elected there are going to be a lot of Trump supporters who go mad when he puts lib judges on the SC, doesn't do anything else listed in the Conservative Save Our Country handbook and shits on everyone.

    Then it will be even worse next time. People will just throw up their hands and stop voting. The dems will take us all the way down.

  5. But it would still be better than teh beast cackling from the white house while wild bill gets viagra injections and a steady stream of rape victims.

  6. I just noticed I had not commended you on this post!
    Is it too late?

  7. OH! I'm kind of a fan of Rubio's and don't believe he's quite as "establishment" as most think he is. Mark Levin was ranting about this tonight, saying FOX is all over Rubio because he's establishment when, just this morning, I'd been thinking about how every time FOX mentions him, they mention he's establishment like the dirty word it is. Not the best endorsement...Levin was dead wrong. But he gets to a LOT of people....

    Kid's right...I'll go for almost anybody against the Left... I think less and less of Trump every minute of every day......
    Great post!

  8. Kid, well done, sir! You are on a roll! These nitwit socialists don't understand basic economics and that 100% health care insurance coverage doesn't mean 100% health care. Venezuela and Cuba have 100% coverage. Trump will be a disaster, but I stand by my statement that he is unelectable. The conservatives hate him and the establishment doesn't trust him. The only support he is getting seems to have topped out with the looney squishy middle.

    Ed, Never too late, or often and repeatedly. And that's my hat sitting there upside down for loose change.

    Z, I used to like Rubio until he started in with Trump's nasty "lies" tactics. I think it goes beyond politics. He won't "man up" and stand by his own record. Instead, he lies about Cruz. Besides which, Rubio doesn't pass the 'Hillary test' (name me one accomplishment of his). We can disagree, though, and I still love ya.

  9. Z, I read today that Rubio has picked up the Bush donors. That tells me a lot regards establishment.

    DaBlade, Thank You Monsieur. The Money quote on Trump came out of S. Carolina "SC Voters are voting with their middle finger". That's right. They want to squeeze the GOP until it hurts and they want to tell oBAMa what a useless bastard he is.

    Trumps strategy is spot on regardless what we think of him. I hope people start thinking through the details soon tho.

  10. DeBlade, Well the HNS in England has been held up as the pinnacle. They have Doctors working on hourly wages and most require lots of overtime to meet ends. One ssid the late3st contract will force her out of her London 2 bdrm home that she doesn't even have enough left over to buy a cheap car. I'll find the article for you if you want.
    Then NHS recently reported it has a GOAL of being able to get someone in a hospital room within 18 weeks. A goal. So it's much worse than that now.
    I'll dig that up for you too if you want.

    Socialism and Single Payer is @$$^@$%^n Great!

  11. Well, you'd be preaching to the choir. @$$^@$%^n Great!, indeed.