Thursday, May 5, 2016

Future Flint

It was only yesterday when President Obama visited the ravaged city of Flint and told it's destitute residents, "I've got your back." But today... today something was... different.

As the sun rose over the city of Flint, the citizens awoke to find a shiny new megalopolis of the future.


or maybe it's just the symptoms of advanced lead poisoning.


  1. Well. That was quick!
    He should visit Detroit next!

  2. Ed, you should see this! The waters of the Flint River now flow with crystal clear water and are filled with trout! Someone reported seeing a unicorn darting between trees in Kearsley Park. We have to wear waders for all the milk and honey FLOWING in the streets! *sob*... wait... that's not milk and honey... and those thingys floating in the river aren't trout... nevermind.

  3. Holy moly...obama parted the waters?

    No, not really cause he can't do $hit

  4. cube, i think it would take a very large chisel to part them 'waters'.The violent protests from his visit is understandable, however, due to this man further destroying our culture and economy to the nth degree. Over-turned and burning cars. broken store fronts. chaos in the streets. ... no, wait. The right doesn't do that. Never mind.