Tuesday, May 31, 2016

If Hillary Fell Into a Gorilla Enclosure, What Would You Do?

It makes for an interesting philosophical question: If Hillary Clinton fell into a gorilla enclosure, would the silverback gorilla smoke a cigar and go golfing?

Or a twist in a popular meme in the wild: If Trump and Hillary are stranded at the bottom of a gorilla enclosure, who survives?... America. America survives.

This puzzle is like one of those mind experiment riddle thingys: What do you do if Hillary falls into a gorilla enclosure with no doors or windows, but there is a mirror and a table... and a high powered rifle on the concourse?

One thing we know for certain, not even a 400-lb  male Western lowland silverback gorilla (let's call this ficticious monkey, "Bubbarambe" for expedience) would be able to get a grip on one of Hillary's cankles. If anyone is in danger of getting dragged around the enclosure, it's the great ape.

A tranquilizer dart would be the more humane option that didn't really present itself recently in the Cincinnati Zoo incident due to immediate danger. However, in my thought experiment mind melt above - we have concluded that Bubbarambe would likely give Hillary a wide berth, making a tranquilizer dart the better option for rescue. Tomorrow's riddle: What dosage would you need to bring down the Hildebeast?


  1. What where you saying? I was busy loading my .243 Model 77 International Carbine. ~:)

  2. I couldn't hear you over Sparky racking that bolt...

  3. HAHA! I didn't realize she would solve the riddle so quickly! Those Georgia peaches have thorns :)