Saturday, May 7, 2016

What was Trump doing on the grassy knoll?

The speculation during the highly contentious Republican primaries has been that the Democrat Party, hand-in-hand with the mainstream media, was simply waiting for Donald Trump to secure the nomination before unloading with both barrels from their voluminous stockpile of anti-Trump material. But who knew they were sitting on THIS bombshell? 

And so it begins, starting with a taste of his own medicine.

Chattering Teeth News - Just what was 17-year-old Donald Trump doing on this grassy knoll on June 14, 1963? Right prior to JFK being shot and nobody even brings it up. I mean, they don't even talk about that. That was reported and nobody talks about it. I mean what was he doing shortly before the death, I mean, before the shooting? It's horrible. The American people deserve to know.

"Frankly, when I said back in January that I could 'shoot somebody and I wouldn't lose voters', I meant it, believe me," Trump told Fox and Friends.

"Maybe Hillary should shut her yapper or her cankles will be dodging more than imaginary Bosnian sniper-fire, this I will tell you."


  1. I always thought that was Liddy, but Wow!

  2. "it's horrible" made me laugh out loud! You don't miss a TRICK!
    I hope your post isn't prophetic. I think.

  3. Oh, that's just plain silly! T-rump was in Scotland. He was standing in for Bessie the Lochness Monster that week. ~:)

  4. Ed, No, no. G Gordon was helping Rafael pass out the pro communist literature while Lee Harvey Oswald was just trying to check out a library book. Yet nobody talks about Trump's roll on the grassy knoll. Follow the money, my friend.

    Z, Gotcha! Made you laugh again :)

    Sparky, Ha! After scouring the Chattering Teeth news archives, I can say beyond doubt that there was no sighting of Nessie that week. He can try to deny, but we have this photo. This story is gaining legs.

  5. Cube, if it helps at all, i was killing myself with this one too. ;)