Friday, May 6, 2016

Spuds pileup on I77

Big rig crash spills 50K pounds of potatoes across I-77

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — A portion of Interstate 77 will be shut down for hours early Friday morning after a tractor-trailer crashed, spilling thousands of potatoes across the highway.

This news story made me very sad as I am a huge fan of semi-tractor trailers loaded with  potatoes. But when life gives you lemons, just make twice-baked mashed potatoes. Or compose a very bad limerick.

A  truck driver to sleep had forgotten
hauling potatoes on I-77 near Wilkinson
crashed into the guard rail
causing engine to sail
but 25 tons of au gratin


  1. This reminds of the 30,000 lbs of bananas spill which was memorialized by the late great Harry Chapin -,000_Pounds_of_Bananas I just had to go back in time and play that song and now I can't get it out of my head. Thanks Dablade!

  2. Oh no, not the potatoes!!!!!

  3. "Big rig crash spills 50K pounds of potatoes across I-77". Millions of Irish everywhere mourn.

  4. dr h, a little more fervor,please! Unlike the banana saga, the 'spud dud' resulted in no harm to the driver of said semi... and potatoes, unlike bananas, are meant for mashing. Glad you sang!

    cube, I know. Where's the gravy train when you need one?

    Sparky, Haha! Hey, you're good at this!

  5. All those french fries. Gone forever.
    Oh the humanity.

  6. I have NEVER met a potato I didn't LOVE...quick! Get the hot milk, butter salt and pepper and LET'S EAT :-)

  7. Z, you and me both! Here's a bonus haiku.

    Trucker fell asleep
    Breakfast club, fifty thousand
    potato pancakes