Sunday, November 27, 2016

2016 Christmas Tree Hunt

PICTURED: Koda, expressing her joy of riding in a loud, tractor-pulled wagon with a bunch of strangers. It appears to be one of her favorite things.She seems to be excited for the opportunity to help pick out this year's Christmas tree. I think she sees one!

PICTURED: Krueger is a 2-year-old White German Shepherd who is game for just about anything, and when he wags his tail (which is constantly) his whole 85 pounds seems to wag to the rhythm.

The two seemed to settle in for the ride. These are our son, Joe and his wife, Lindsey's doggies. My wife and I have Krueger's brother, Zeke. We left Zeke home because... because he is a little more hyper than his brother and we didn't want to chance getting sued.
And the search for the perfect tree commences. A good time (and hot cider or hot chocolate by the roaring fire) was had by all!