Thursday, November 10, 2016

A disjointed and mispronounced conversation between Paul Ryan and Michelle Obama

DISCLAIMER: This conversation did not really happen, and is only a fig newton of my over-fertile machinations.
RYAN: You are a shtrong woman for this adminishshtration.
MICHELLE: I do like to shtrut, shtrictly shpeaking.
RYAN: Hillary belongs in pinshtripes and a shtraitjacket.
MICHELLE: She just under a lot of shtress.
RYAN: Trump deshtroyed her.
MICHELLE: That man needs to be cashtrated!
RYAN: Cashtrated? Is that like having your allowance shnipped off?
MICHELLE: I grow shtrawberries in my garden.
RYAN: You sound frushtrated.
MICHELLE: Boy, you look like a shtrange oshtrich!
RYAN: The shtring from your jockshtrap is showing.



  1. No jest, and quit calling me Shurley!
    I am working on a blog post with many words and sentences having to do with people who drop the letter "T" from the middle of words. They need to STOP doing that immediately. This may be one of my most important posts of all time.