Monday, September 11, 2017

Latest Weather Machine News

If we've learned anything from our national treasure that is Nicolas Cage, we've learned about the existence of the "President's Secret Book", which contains documents collected "by Presidents, for Presidents' eyes only", covering such controversial subjects as the JFK assassination, Watergate, Area 51, AND George W Bush's Hurricane Weather Machine.

Hurricanes Harvey and Irma prove that President Trump has fired up the George W Bush Weather Machine, but for what ill purpose - we still don't really know. The hopes that his tiny hands wouldn't be able to operate the Weather Machine's controls have been dashed.

The nation girds its collective non-gender specific loin area for what may come next.

Stay tuned to this blog for important updates you will not get anywhere else. Seriously, just stare at the screen and occasionally hit refresh. You'll be glad you did.

In the meantime, learn more about the Weather Machine and its nefarious roots from this schorlary work  [here]
George W. Bush’s Hurricane Machine is the machine that George W. Bush used to make Hurricane Katrina, because he does not care about us black people. If George Bush did care about black people, I do not think he would have made Hurricane Katrina with his Hurricane Machine. I think he would have used it to make a hurricane that would destroy Iraq instead, and bring the troops home, if he cared about black people and American soldiers. I do not think George Bush was a good President. I voted for Obama. In this report I will explain many things about President Bush’s Hurricane Machine, which is the topic I decided to research for my report. I will also explain why President Bush was a bad President, and why we should have elected Al Gore instead, because Al Gore was far more qualified and invented the internet, which is a major accomplishment. All President Bush invented was his Hurricane Machine. I think the internet is a much larger accomplishment then a machine that makes hurricanes, even though I am doing my report on George W. Bush’s Hurricane Machine. I used the internet for much of my research, which proves how much more important the internet is. I would not use a Hurricane Machine to research the internet.


  1. Jerry------G-d bless you this Sept 11th..will NEVER forget...ever...

  2. It's ALL the fault of ANY REpublican available...hurricanes, 9/11, ISIS, war, NoKo, name it, it's OUR FAULT. Taking the page from Hillary's book, right? BLAME BLAME BLAME

    Wait, does LOOTING, too, look like it was done by REPUBLICANS? :-)

  3. You got this from bill nye the bowtie guy didn't you !

    The real fake hurricane machine.

  5. Hi WHT, we will never forget here. I'm wearing my stars and stripes patriotic shirt today (9/12) in honor of our men & women who kicked a$$ after 9/11.

    Z, good point, Z. The looters don't look like tea partiers, do they?

    Kid, I'll never disclose my sources for this blog, nor the name of the inexpensive hooker I keep on retainer. (j/k honey)

    Ed, Yikes! so you're saying the Russians hacked the George W Bush Hurricane Machine?