Monday, September 18, 2017

THIS photo proves time travel is real!

Chattering Teeth News - By now, everyone knows that President Donald J Trump allowed an 11-year-old boy, Frank, to mow the White House lawn for free in his opening move to cut waste, fraud and abuse.

BUT DID YOU KNOW that Frank received an automated rejection from then president obama when making the same request? And that obama was the first and ONLY president that has denied Frank's free lawn mowing proposal since Washington?

This is likely the earliest photograph of White House staff members at work.

Notice anything eerie?

Frank told this reporter that Nixon was the worst Republican tipper, but still more generous than every democrat president to date who has yet to tip or even thank him.



  1. It's always good to know the real truth.

  2. Jess, The truth is out there. The latest theory from scientists here in the CT bunker believe the lawn mower itself appears to be the actual time machine, and Frank's likeness is now being reported on ancient petroglyphs.

  3. I would cut the White House lawn for $104,376.00 per week I arrived at this figure based upon what I know about federal employee salaries.

  4. No this only proves that Photoshop is real and proves that the person who photoshopped this is not very good at it!!!

  5. Hey 'Unknown'... Thank you for pointing out the obvious, dipshit. I apologize if you suffer from Aspergers. But if you are simply a humorless lib who can't hang here... take comfort. You are not alone. No lib has ever risen to my greatness.