Friday, September 15, 2017

Tea Time with the Intolerables - Episode 2

POP QUIZ: Match the person with the quote
Who said...

1) “He likes us!”

2) "you like me!"

3) Lim Nanyell Madonna

The quotes are links to the answers, but unless you're a bernie voter I bet you figured it out. With Chuck Schumer's hot mic pickup gushing that Trump "likes us", after he struck the deal with Schumerand Pelosi to raise the debt ceiling and hasten us to financial oblivion, I couldn't help but hear Sally Field repeating this from her 1985 Academy Awards speech.

Sally Field "You like me!" 1985 Academy Awards

I was a Cruz guy and was tough on Trump during the primaries. While I couldn't bring myself to vote for him (let's not re-litigate the whole 'binary choice' thing with a 'yah, but Hillary') I've stayed away from bashing him since his election. I understand why you, my friends did vote for him.  Honestly, I was hopeful he would do the right thing. A couple of times he has. But really, I don't see much daylight on the big issues between Hillary and him.

Let's see... what happened to tearing up that terrible Iran deal on day one? And how about that repeal of Obamacare? Lovin' that! Trump has also reneged on the wall and on amnesty. I'm old enough to remember him hammering Little Marco and low energy Jeb for the same position. I'm also really enjoying these huge tax cuts and all those $Trillions pouring in from overseas. And really so proud of Trump for staring down the dems and raising the debt ceiling without defunding the murders operating Planned Parenthood.

OK, maybe I shouldn't be so cynical. Maybe he really is playing underwater three dimensional Parchesi with one arm tied behind his back. MAGA MAGA MAGA!

Two NY Liberal Presidential Candidates From Opposing Political Parties Walk Into a Bar...

just kidding... I can't stand this f&*%er.


  1. Maybe I'm as naive as a kitten in the mouth of a doberman being transported to an orphan kitten foster home, but I see the republican congress as the problem with getting things done.

    I could be wrong! I have been before. Have a great Sunday man !

  2. Ha! You're no orphan kitten. We agree that the republican congress sucks, but who's in charge of the party? And I always remember Reagan going over a democrat controlled house to get his agenda passed. But listen, I know we want the same outcome and can still disagree on whether Trump helps us get there. I promise not to just become a trump bash blog (just occasionally need to let off stream) and will get back to silly news after these commercial messages.