Tuesday, September 12, 2017


PETA REJOICES! - Settlement Reached: ‘Monkey Selfie’ Case Broke New Ground for Animal Rights
After roughly two years of court battles, the groundbreaking lawsuit asking a U.S. federal court to declare Naruto—a free-living crested macaque—the copyright owner of the internationally famous “monkey selfie” photographs has been settled...

As a part of the arrangement, Slater (the photographer who's camera this jacka$$ monkey used without permission) has agreed to donate 25 percent of any future revenue derived from using or selling the monkey selfies to charities that protect the habitat of Naruto...

This is great news, and just in time to salve the pain for the people still suffering from losses sustained by the recent hurricanes in Texas and Florida.

A quick re-cap of our journey (and because I like to recycle my old memes when I'm pressed for time).


The good news for you is that, now that this injustice has been set right, I will no longer feel obligated to blog on the subject. Or will I?...

the PETA article concludes: We’ll continue working in the courts to establish legal rights for animals. Everyone deserves the rights we hold dear: to live as they choose, to be with their families, to be free from abuse and suffering, and to benefit from their own creations.

PICTURED ABOVE: Naruto the monkey during harder times in the jungle when he was denied the right to keep his own photographs, paintings, musical compositions and other fruits from his artistic endeavors.

Now that Naruto is filthy rich, it begs the question, "where is he now?"


  1. I'm wondering if I shouldn't have done those psychedelics as a youth....

  2. HAHAHA!!! lol mister ed. We know what you flyboys did in your spare.