Saturday, September 30, 2017

Star Trek: Discovery - Cagney & Lacey in Space

I'm guessing that Star Trek "trekkies" would not consider me a "trekkie". I've never dressed up in Spock ears, mail-ordered an "away team" uniform or did the whole "na noo na noo" hand puppet greeting.

That said, I've watched all of the original Star Trek series featuring Captain Kirk many, many times. I've watched all (or most) of the Next Generation with Captain Jean-Luc Picard. I've watched the motion pictures except for the last reboot one, but I'll get around to it. That's it. I haven't watched any of the other series spin-offs, like the one with that female captain Janeballs or whatever.

Call me a sexist male chauvinist, but if I'm hurtling through space at warp speed in Klingon territory - with tribbles spilling out of the overhead cabinets - and my survival depends on my captain defeating a reptilian Gorn in hand-to-hand combat, I'll take Kirk. Followed closely by Picard. As for Janeballs, she can top off my tea. Earl Grey. Hot.

So it should come as no surprise that I have no intention of watching this new TV series spin-off, Star Trek: Discovery starring "Cagney and Lacey". Give me TJ Hooker any day. And this decision not to watch was BEFORE I read that this series was to feature an openly gay couple.

Wow, how 'ground-breaking' and 'progressive' of them. It's not like every other show doesn't try to shove this crap down our throats.

These progressive leftists in sports and entertainment have ruined what used to be a means of escape for Americans from the progressive leftists in government (and the Statist media). They have even taken over the football field, and now have their queer eye on taking over space.

I'm sorry, but in my distant future stardate 2258,  Geordi La Forge's blindness is cured with a sweet wrap-around visor, and 'Bones' will have a vaccine to cure these gender disphoria gay genes. Just skip and sashay your way down to sick bay for a quick tricorder reading and a DNA dialysis, and voila'! No more disorder! It's going to happen.

In the meantime, I'll pass on this latest attempt to further the culture rot and accelerate societal decay.

Hey Captain Janeballs, be a doll and give me a little shoulder massage while I watch a re-run of Last Man Standing. Thanks, babe.


  1. Well done. Count me out of that show as well. Actually, there is very little that shows up on TV these days that catches my fancy. Yes, there is much attempted social engineering going on. All the guys need a shave and all the chicks are super heroes.

  2. The Janeballs series, Voyager, was quite good, while I never watched Deep Space Nine and few Next Gen.
    The last reboot is on Amazon and I started watching last night.
    They get off on a space station for R&R and a little girl runs up to her daddy getting off the Enterprise and then daddy puts his arms around the little girls other daddy.

  3. Kid, so true. Amazing the number of channel choices and On Demand options, and still I strike out finding anything worthwhile. And I assume the lib chicks need a shave also.

    Ed, Thanks for the tip. I have Netflix and Amazon subscription and that is what I was waiting for. I will wear a pair of shun glasses during the aforementioned scene.

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  5. You know I'm a big Trekkie, and yes, I have worn Spock ears out in public, but everything I've heard about this show makes me want to revoke my universal Trekkie license (yes, I have one) until they change their PC ways. That Discovery takes place 10 years before ST:TOS and is virtually without white males, it makes me wonder where in the universe did the white males that populated ST:TOS come from? Star Trek: Discovery is too LGBTXYZ for even this Trekkie. Throw out the politics and focus on science fiction and we'll see.

  6. Cube, don't worry, we won't tease you about the vulcan ear thingy. You raise an interesting (and hilarious) question. Libs ruin everything.