Saturday, January 27, 2018

Alias Strzok and Page


Another bombshell text message has been discovered by Chattering Teeth News between former members of Robert Mueller's team. This is a game changer folks!

WARNING: The following text conversation contains disgusting sexual innuendo between two very unattractive political leftist anti-Trump hacks and may induce a little throw-up in your mouth.

On a totally unrelated subject, I still have the vinyl albums of Mr. Billy Squier and Bob Seger (and neither were harmed in the making up of this blog post)

Full disclosure... I remember also having a black and white poster of Billy Squier on my teenage bedroom wall some 40+ years ago. Does that fact make me a monster?

In conclusion, the Chattering Teeth Blog just surpassed the 10 year blogiversary of its existence, and I take special pride in the fact that dozens of people (and thousands of Russian bots) have stumbled here over the last decade only to squint in confusion at my many scrawlings. Many thanks (and apologies).



  1. Congrats Sir Blade. (I understand you're been knighted as well).

    Something better come from this memo or the repubblkins are going to be punished. people get emotional about this kind of stuff. Me? Naw, I don't vote for things, I vote against democrats. Hope I get the chance to vote against a rino in the primary.

  2. Thanks, Kid. Dull side down please. My oldest brother once asked me why I did this (blog). I still haven't sufficiently answered that question to my satisfaction.

    As for the other... if Arthur Fonzerelli can admit that he was wrrrr... wrrrr... wrong before than so can I.