Sunday, January 28, 2018

Skipping SOTU

Justice Ginsburg to skip State of the Union
Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg will not be attending President Donald Trump's State of the Union address on Tuesday. Instead, she will be at Roger Williams University in Rhode Island, for a talk catching up on some much needed shut-eye.

Ginsburg, 84, also has sent signals recently that she intends to keep her seat (and her My Pillow) on the bench for years to come.

When asked how long she intends to serve, she said... "Zzzzzzz".

regarding the wizened and bitter hag, Ruth 'Buzzi' Ginsberg...
DON'T PANIC - She is only sleeping. She does that frequently. I think she was appointed by Woodrow Wilson and I'm afraid she may live forever. When her input is required, she will be temporarily revived with a booster injection of aborted fetus blood. Soros will tell her how to vote.


  1. Can she go. All. The. Way. Past 7 years of Trump and at least 4 of Pence ?

    Now Ruth Buzzi was cool. Remember when she used to stand by the cameraman and strip for Rowan and Martin at the end of the Laugh In show? Or am I thinking of a different Ruth Buzzi. Maybe that wasn't even a Ruth.

    Did you see where Ginsberg recently joined the MeToo crowd? Claimed she was sexually assaulted back before the civil war.. She had to be informed squirrel attacks don't count.

    Well, we are in God's hands and He will decide when the padded cell on cloud 13-1/4 is ready for Ruthie.

  2. Maybe she hopes she'll die peacefully in her sleep and is taking every opportunity to do so.

  3. Kid, I remember watching Laugh In, but all I seem to recall is Ruth Buzzi riding a tricycle. I really don't want to think about either Ruth stripping. I'm not Bill Clinton Ya know.

    LOL on the #metoo civil war squirrel comment. Sometimes even lib's lies are so outrageous, they don't even pretend to believe each other. I just hope Trump gets to replace this horrible hack (and a few others).

    Ed, It's a good thought. I still have a small small doubt that Anton didn't have 'help' in this regard. The deep state is that evil and that corrupt and that penetrated. I think its a conspiracy NOT to consider the possibility.

  4. Well it didn't go well for them if they did.

  5. Blade, I've since remembered it was Joann Worley who did the stripping. Ruth Buzzi was the homely looking older lady usually sitting on a park bench hitting people with her purse. Looked a lot like Ruth Buzzi Ginsberg actually.

  6. Ed, no it didn't. I'm sure they thought they could get Obama's surrogate pushed thru.

    Kid, that explains it. unfortunately the original horrible image is burned into my nightmares.