Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Who takes over for Oprah in 2020?

Bernie TV


  1. If he and his wife are not in jail....

  2. I hear oprey has a lot of skeletons, not that this matters to dem voters, but it may keep her from running. Frankly, I think she is the only one who has a chance of beating Mr Trump.

    The pedophile Biden? The hildehagbeast? The dems simply don't have anyone to run. Now if Bernie were to run and promise to quadruple my future Social Security checks, I might just go for it..... Naw !


  3. What can be said or done hasn’t already been said and done about the gay community? The gay community is fully aware of what is happening, but, still continues to support Hillary, Obsma, and islam. Another instance of sheep discussing the menu with jackals.