Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Cory Booker is... The Substitute Mansplainer

MR BOOKER: All right, listen up y'all. I'm your substitute Mr. Booker. I'm auditioning to run for in 2020 for president, so don't even think about messin' with me. You all feel me? Okay, let's take the roll. Kī-Reest-Jēan... where's Kī-Reest-Jēan at?
No Kī-Reest-Jēan here?

"Did you mean DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen?"


Is it just me, or does the substitute have fake "tears of rage" and is "seething with anger"?

Always fun to watch the skit again...


  1. Really tired of celebrities and athletes telling me their political views. That's my job... hobby.

  2. I think booker, 'the angry black man' should run in 2020. Either him or biden the pedophile that can't even remember his own name. Or the clinton beast who can run a campaign patterned after Weekend at Bernies, or Oprah who knows jack about much of anything and has more skeletons in her closet than jeffery dahmer, or how about Hank Johnson - he can run as the anti capsize candidate, or ..... who else do they have btw?

  3. Kid, Booker is the substitute obama... but I guess that moniker works for oprah also. which brings to mind an important question - did jeffrey dahmer really have skeletons in his closet? I thought he used barrels of lime. in any case, most of the democrat field is in their 90s (or will be shortly) and already in various stages of desiccation (no lime required).

    1. Fauxcohantas or Camela Harris.
      They'll get the Dem nut vite.

  4. Welfare Queen: You repeat yourself.

  5. I think booker is obama-lite. His hissy-fit was not a wise move, but then, when have the dems had a market on wise. At least oprah doesn't go berserk and in full melt-down mode on camera, well except when you show her some food, but that's not going to happen at presidential debates. She's got a better shot at 2020 if she want's to take a demotion, like Trump did.

  6. Ed, point taken - they have a a cupboard full to choose from, and we know the media will jump on board with whichever marxist they go with.

    cube, I don't see booker as a legtiimate candidate either, tho I don't believe he spent his formative years in an Indonessian Madrassa (have to check that out). As for oprah, I don't think she loves the country in order to take a pay cut like Trump did - good call!

  7. You're right, booker didn't make time at a madrassa, but he's got the angry black chip on his shoulder nonetheless, the homegrown kind. Maybe we should buy stocks in black shoulder chips... it's a growing market.

    As for oprah, why would I would I want an emotion-driven, snake-oil professor as president?

    You really have to ask?