Friday, January 19, 2018

Democrats starve, shackle and taunt citizens with food

Chattering Teeth News - Democrat Minority Leaders Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi have been operating a House (& Senate) of Horrors for years, and are threatening to escape blame and continue their string of attrocities, torture and abuse against United States citizens by shutting down the government in favor of a few million illegal aliens.

The two minority leaders are facing up to life in prison after being charged Thursday for torture and child abuse, authorities said, while revealing more shocking details of the alleged atrocities that happened inside the Washington beltway.

Prosecutors allege the citizens were subjected to “frequent beatings” by their proxies in the mainstream media, and “even strangulation” in the state-controlled education system, and citizens weren’t even allowed to be unshackled to go to the correct bathroom for their gender. They also allegedly deprived them of food and water and dependent citizens were allowed to take only one shower a year.

Prosecutors also said the minority leader parents and their cohorts ate well, and would taunt their children by leaving pumpkin and apple pies on the counter and letting the children look at them, but not eat.

“I like to make them eat a bowl of doggy-doo with a cherry on top and calling it a chocolate sundae,” slurred an obviously mentally deranged Pelosi.

They would also force the citizens to try to log into the obamacare website on the laptop sitting on the filthy kitchen counter, and would laugh uproariously when they ultimately failed.

"The citizens will blame our Republican neighbors if we shut down the government because they control Congress and the White House," slurred a drooling Pelosi through slipping dentures. "We will go to the imaginary wall in full support for amnesty of the Dreamers, no matter how badly it hurts the actual legal citizens."

Prosecutors said the citizens plotted their escape for eight long years during the torturous obama administration, only to finally free themselves with the election of Trump. However, keeping these despicable democrat miscreants down and out will depend on the continued success of the righteous christian conservative citizens over these worthless piles of human debris and those who support them.... and a non-stop stream of Trump tweets, of course.



  1. chuck and nana are doggy doo with no cherries.

    Anyway, ABC did their best to scare people about the totally unimportant government shutdown. So insulting.. The only thing they came close to even getting my attention with was the CDC might not be able to track the deadly flu that's going around. I don't even care about that because let me tell you if you get the flu, the CDC had nothing to do with it positive or negative and if you get it you are either going to live or die, the medial people can't do anything for you.

  2. I thought you didn't watch those democrat propaganda networks?I know, I know. Hard to avoid sometimes. I drank beer and played poker with old friends so I am not yet caught up on the drama queens.
    *ACHOO!* uh oh. Should I call the CDC and leave a message?

  3. I didn't find out about the government shutdown until Saturday morning when I went to Drudge. I didn't panic or tear my hair out. I had coffee and went about my day. I did purposefully avoid a flu shot at Walgreens. Why suffer the needle prick when the CDC vaccine only works on democrats and then only at 10% ;) I'll take my chances.

  4. "and a non-stop stream of Trump tweets, of course."
    Those deadly tweets.
    Arrows of fire aimed at the hearts of the ungodly.

  5. Trump's tweets aren't all gems, but some of them make me smile.

  6. WATCH OUT! Cube is contagious! :) I don't get those shots either. I don't like needles nor fake flus shots.

  7. I hate needles, too, and I may be contagious because I gave up on the flu vaccine a long time ago. I'm not against vaccines in general, my girls got the whole battery growing up, but I never got the flu vaccine until I was the office manager at a doctor's office and I was advised to get it. I've never gotten it since I quit and especially not this year when the CDC has said the flu vax isn't that effective this year. Say what?

    I never had a worse flu in my life than one I had in a year when I was vaccinated. It was so bad that despite being super thirsty, I couldn't find the strength to reach over and pick up a glass of water on the night table. When I told my boss, the doctor, all about it he replied, "You should be a writer." That still cracks me up today.

  8. "I never had a worse flu in my life than one I had in a year when I was vaccinated."

    I've heard that same story over and over. And you are a heck of a writer too btw.