Friday, April 20, 2018

Fake Starbucks Coupons Keep Popping Up

Fake coupons are popping up promising free Starbucks coffee for African Americans

“This is completely false and in no way associated with Starbucks,” a company spokeswoman told The Chattering Teeth Blog. "These fake coupons are an Internet hoax and contain symbols of white supremacy."

"Here is our actual coupon offering a choice of a free Watermelon Latte or purple drank for African Americans with slave blood only."


  1. May I suggest adding both the Strawberry and Fried Chicken flavored Lattes ?

    I fully support an instant positive DNA test for slave blood to qualify. Those who don't qualify instantly receive check out cash from hard working tax paying white slaves.

  2. I think we've covered all the stereotypes that will make any wandering sjw's head explode.