Thursday, April 26, 2018

Prayers for Baby Alfie and his parents

Prayers for Baby Alfie and his parents, vicitms of Britain's socialized free health care. As of this posting, the little fella is still fighting and alive against all odds and intentions of the British doctors and death panel bureaucrats. (Not that our country has any moral authority).

I am reminded of the treatment of Otto Warmbier at the hands of his North Korean torturers, denied food and oxygen. At least North Korea had the decency to release Otto to his family before he finally died from the abuse.

On Glenn Beck's program yesterday, Stu Burguiere said something to the effect that, if this were his son and he died in that Liverpool hospital - AND as the father, he wasn't in jail from trying to storm the gates to free him - he would consider it a failure. I agree, but not to disparage this poor father in the least. After all, the only gun he would be able to get his hands on over there would be to make one out of Legos.

That's why we can't let the left take our health care sytem (what's left of it) or our guns.


Meanwhile, In Legoland's upper-crust bourgeoisie quarters where babies  aren't tortured to death against their parent's wishes...

Lego Royal Family Gets New Lego Member At Legoland
Just days after the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge welcomed their new son into the world, the royal baby has made his Lego debut. 

Legoland Windsor Resort ― which happens to be located near the residence of the infant’s great-grandmother, Queen Elizabeth ― has welcomed the royal family’s Lego counterparts to the park’s Miniland attraction.


  1. If we had to use the current UK government as an example, we'd have to assume the United Kingdom was invented by Disney during one of his darkest moments.

    "Welcome kids to the United Kingdom, where dreams are shattered and everybody is sad."

  2. The NHS doesn't want it shown that they are incapable of providing treatment others might.

  3. Ed might be on to something here. Otherwise I no idea WHY TF they care if the parents take the child for attempted treatment. I'd have to kill. I'd simply have to kill in this case.

    And I hope to Hell Mr Blade that No Transgender Lego people were harmed in the making of this post.

  4. Jess, and all of the UK theme parks costumed mascots had really bad teeth.

    Ed, They got their wish.

    Kid, stepping on Transgender Lego people hurts just as badly as normal uninfected Legos, I assure you!