Sunday, April 8, 2018

Trump Tower Fire Cause


  1. Joy Behar said " She hopes the one dead in the Trump tower fire was Trump" .

  2. Joy Behar said " She hopes the one dead in the Trump tower fire was Trump"

  3. Joy Behar SAID THAT? I need to check....that could cause her to be leaving The View (Please, God...let her stop influencing with such constant hate!)

    Jerry, did you do that image? It is FABULOUS!

    I'm waiting for the news to say that he should have had sprinklers even though the law says no building has to unless major reconstruction is done. It'll be all about "if they had had sprinklers..." etc. And it'll be led by the dead man's stinkin' rich (probably?) family, who'll file suit and maybe even make some dough from the DNC for doing so?


  4. Yes, I’m Back, but there is something that I would like to suggest to ALL my fellow blogers.
    Please disconcert the portion in your profile that calls for the Verification of the commentor by asking to click on Cars, Buses, Store Fronts, Street Sighs, or whatever.
    This gets people very frustrated and makes then Not Want To Post On Your Blog at all.
    I’m sure that you know what I mean. So kindly do it and I will do so in return
    Thank You

  5. Joan, That sounds like Behar. A very disturbed person, whether true or not.

    Hi Z, Yes, that is my silly photoshop. Glad you liked :) I wish I had real art talent like my oldest son. He is amazing! As for the fire, it is very sad someone lost their life in that fire. Trump will be blamed for sure.

    Hi Razor, I just checked my settings and show moderation and verification 'off', and anonymous comments accepted?

  6. i SAW AN ARTICLE ON BIZPACREVIEW (screw capslock) showing a bunch of unbelievably nasty but just your average libtards celebrating the Trump Tower fire. I sure hope they all go to hell.

  7. That's some good stuff from your son Mr Blade.

  8. Yes he started this venture a few months ago. He was easy to buy for on his birthday growing up. Always a new sketch pad. That's all he wanted.