Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Special counsel Robert Mueller caught on Cohen's trail cam

If you look closely, you can just pick him up in the foreground...
I wonder what he was after that is related to Russian collusion?
Meanwhile, a herd of wild immigrants is caravaning towards our southern border and Governor Moonbeam is not cooperating with our military...

I saw a meme somewhere that said something like: - Kids threaten to shoot up a school and the FBI does nothing. Rumors of Trump sleeping with Stormy Daniels?


  1. HAHA! When I got to 'ignominious', I knew you were on to something. I might have to steal that sentence at some point. The wife and I went to see Chappaquiddick Monday. Your comment reminds me of the 'man (and women) on the streets of Massachusetts interviews they did right after Ted killed that poor girl. The support for him was right about 98%.

  2. I read recently that said Mary Jo did not have enough water in her lungs to have drowned and it is believed there was an air pocket that may have kept her alive for a few hours until the oxygen was gone. That car was in 6 feet of water.

  3. Welcome back Cube! You,ve developed a lisp?:)

    Kid, yep. What an entire crap heap of a family, starting with the crazy old man.